Monday, February 01, 2010

What I’m Getting Wednesday Feb 3

This week is another quiet week. The odd thing is that I’m getting nothing but Marvel and DC this week. I have had some slow weeks when it comes to the all other category, but I can’t remember a week with zero.

Still if you look at many of the books I’m really looking forward to this week they are Vertigo and one Icon book from Marvel. If you classify those as other, since they are not part of the DCU or MU, the other category is strongly represented.

The new series from Vertigo this week is Demo #1 (of 6). Vertigo has been on a roll with Sweet Tooth, Daytripper and Joe the Barbarian and I expect nothing less from Demo. Demo is by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan and they did this series once before and it was great. Each issue focuses on a person who is at an important point and time in their life. This issue DC says “In "The Waking Life of Angels," a woman is haunted by a recurring premonition; one of a person plummeting from a great height. Seriously sleep-deprived and with only fragments of images for clues, she abandons her life to travel halfway around the world in hopes of finding this person before her fateful accident occurs.” I’m really looking to this issue.

Vertigo is also offering up Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #4 (of 6), House of Mystery #22, Sweet Tooth #6 and Scapled #34. This issue of Scalped concludes “The Gnawing” and per an interview with writer Jason Aaron we are at the midpoint of the series. While I personally hate to see a good comic ever come to an end, I think the best stories have endings. Sweet Tooth is promising to be more of a flashback issue as we get to see what Jeppard had to do to survive the apocalypse. As an individual line I believe I get more enjoyment out of the Vertigo material then I do anywhere else.

Marvel’s Icon line has very few titles and the only one I get is Criminal. This week Criminal Sinners #4 is out and Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips always deliver a quality product. We have seen a raise in the noir type storytelling being used in comics and Criminal is certain one the better series on the stands.

Marvel’s big release is Siege #2 (of 4). Overall I have event fatigue with Marvel. These books are only good if they either effect some change in the status quo and or are just a good comic. At least I have no compulsion to buy any of the ancillary books unless I already get them. So far this series is too early to judge. I do sense a growing I don’t care about most of the MU anymore and I’m hoping “The Heroic Age” can change that

Rounding out the Marvel material this week is Ghost Rider Heavens on Fire #6 (of 6), Iron Man #23, Nova #34, Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without a Face #3 (of 4) and Realm of Kings Son of Hulk #1 (of 4). The Ghost Rider series showed such promise when Jason Aaron took it over and then to end his run Marvel split this off as a separate mini-series and unfortunately this book just died for me. I hope the ending is decent, but I’m off Ghost Rider again.

DC has a mixed bag this week with Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3 (of 3) and The Question #37 representing Blackest Night. It’s funny because I’m enjoying the heck out of Blackest Night but eight part series are just too long. It is hard to keep the enthusiasm for this material going for eight or nine months. Still as events go, this is DC’s best event in a very long time and I’m anxious to see how it all ends. The Question book should be very good as it is by Greg Rucka and dealing with the new Question versus the old Question. Vic Sage should make a great Black Lantern.

The other category from DC brings The Authority #19 (which is a possible drop since this drastic shift in story), Jonah Hex #52 (almost always a good to great book) and Warlord #11. I’m not sure why I got back into Warlord, maybe I just needed a Mike Grell fix or something, still I’m curious to try and get into this series again, but it is just not sticking with me.

To round out the DC material we have Batman Confidential #41, Doom Patrol #7, Great Ten #4 (of 10), Justice Society of America Annual #2, Red Robin #9, Superman World of New Krypton #12 (of 12) and Milestone Forever #1 (of 2). Two things with the Milestone book, I’m glad it is just two issues and second will the characters end up as being part of the DCU. DC has added the Red Circle Heroes and Static is in the Teen Titans and Doc Savage and The Spirit are running around in a brand new earth. DC has a history of absorbing other company characters and folding them into the DCU but with all the bad blood between Dwayne McDuffie and DC I’m wondering what will be the fate of these characters.

I won’t be banging down the door at my comic store this Wednesday, but still looks to be another entertaining week of comics. At least with no hard covers for me this is an inexpensive week.

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