Monday, February 22, 2010

Stan's Back

So maybe I'm just the suspicious type, but did you notice that our Project Wonderful Ad is all about Stan being back?

Geez, Stan who I wonder? Could it be Stan Lee? Yeah obviously. So where is he coming back too? It isn't going to be Marvel, he has a deal with Archie in the works, DC is not going there, who the heck else in the industry has the ability to pull off something like this?

The only one that makes sense to me is BOOM Studios. In fact it reeks of BOOM studios. BOOM has been pulling off impossible deals left and right and making stuff work that I never thought they could pull off. They picked up Farscape and Disney and have done great stuff with BOOM Kids. These guys are re-inventing how to do comics and tapping into every vein to find ways to market and sell books.

Remember last year when with Irredeemable they stepped into doing super hero comics. In the midst of Marvel and DC having all of the capes almost tied up they dared to try it and have succeeded. Irredeemable is on most people's reading list and is holding its own and has spawned a sister title.

Plus the whole campaign reminds of when Mark Waid was evil.

So my guess is Stan Lee is coming back to super hero comics with BOOM studios! You know if I'm guessing right this will be something I want to see.

Of course I could just be looking a gift horse in the mouth as the ad is making me at least a penny a day or more.

BOOM/STAN LEE/MARK WAID - That could be very cool.

I find other people's speculations


  1. when was Mark Waid evil??

  2. He was evil when they were promoting Irredeemable. The campaign was Mark Waid is Evil and then the series was announced.