Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Sale - Toys, books, and original art

This is becoming a regular occurance!  Anyway, It's all about the books this time.  Large... huge stacks of books at rock bottom prices.  Seriously rock bottom starting at 50 cents a book.

They are:
Alpha Flight 1-60 
That's half the series in one chunk.  This is Byrne's complete run plus Jim Lee's first published work in later issues.

Excalibur 1-30 + specials, and Excalibur 42-67 plus specials
These are actually 2 separate auctions but they comprise most everything Alan Davis ever did on the title.  Great art and good stories.

Punisher 1-68 plus annuals
This is a huge run of the first continuous Punisher series.  Not as violent as the Max version but there's still a high body count to satisfy the most blood thirsty amoung you.

There's even a couple of hardcovers,
Stuck Rubber Baby and Any Empire

ALSO, there some art too.
I have portfolios by Frazetta and Williamson, Starlin, Redondo, and more!  They were all published in the late 70's/early 80's and are really cool.

And, finally, if you have a little extra cash....
An Alan Davis original from Adventures of the Outsiders.
It ain't cheap but it's really cool.

Or, more reasonable priced,  a Joyce Chin full page splash.

That's all!  Go here and bid high, bid often!

Thanks for all your support.

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