Friday, July 06, 2012

QoTW: Rucka or Brubaker?

So, another week, another question.  Last week the question was fairly simple so y'all could understand who the folks at ComicsAnd... are and how we think.  Maybe not how we think but what at least what comics influenced us.  This week I wanted something a little bit trickier.  A real test of who people liked more... so this week it's
Greg Rucka, author of White Out, Queen and Country, Gotham Central

- OR -

Ed Brubaker, author of Batman, Sleeper, Captain America, Deadenders, Criminal.

Lee: Ooohhh, this is a tough one because both of these guys are great writers. My initial thought was to go with Rucka because I haven't been thrilled with Bru's Cap series. But, once you talk about Criminal, Sleeper and everything that isn't Cap I've absolutely loved it. Then again, I'm not sure I've read a bad Rucka story yet. I'm gonna go Brubaker because of volume. He's had a couple of misses but he's had so many hits that I have to give it to him.

Jim: This is a hard call especially as these writers have worked together on Gotham Central and both worked on Batman. Still Rucka has Stumptown coming out again and his work seems to be grounded more in reality. Add to that his contributions to the 52 weekly series and his Batwoman work and Greg tells slightly more compelling stories then Brubaker. Finally I think Greg has better pacing with his work then Brubaker. Neither writer is a slouch.

Matthew: I've really only read Brubaker's Captain America, so I have to vote for him. But, I'm not getting Brubaker's Captain America anymore, so I don't know what that means...

Thomm: I’m the opposite of Matthew (in so many ways), but I’ve only read Rucka, so he has to get my vote. The fact that I loved his Batwoman and Stumptown would likely get him the win anyway.

Gwen: Rucka, no contest. I really liked Brubaker's Criminal but with work like Stumptown and Whiteout Rucka has my vote. As a side note, did anyone besides Jim and I watch the Whiteout movie? It actually wasn't so bad but I feel that it wasn't marketed well.
Thomm: I don’t ever remember the movie existing.
Gwen: It had Kate Beckinsale in the lead
Thomm: That’s not helping my memory any. I guess that goes to your comment about the marketing.

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