Monday, July 16, 2012

A Real Vacation

Howdy everyone!  Lee here for a quick update.

The crew at ComicsAnd..., Jim, Gwen, Thomm, Matthew, and myself have managed to post something new every single day for the past five years.  It's been lots of fun but it's time.  Time for a vacation.  Time to just read books without worrying about reviewing them.  Time to read the previews not worrying about which books to pick.  Time to relax and enjoy the sun.

This is not an ending, just a short break.  It is the summer and if I learned anything from the French last year it's that everyone needs a vacation.

There may be sporadic posts during the next month but nothing on a regular basis. 

We shall return with our regularly scheduled program Aug 13 just in time for school to start.

See ya soon.

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