Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man: An Untold PLOT From His Married Life (circa 1990)

You may have been expecting some sort of review of the new Amazing Spider-Man film, but I'll be on vacation when this posts and who knows when I'll actually get to see it, much less write about it.  However, to capitalize on all the inevitable buzz, I thought it was finally time to present my first (and only) comic book plot!  It's NEVER seen the light of day (or been rejected by Marvel), but when I rediscovered it a few months ago in an old spiral notebook, I thought it was worth sharing.  Now, you're going to have to work for it, because I scanned the pages directly from the notebook, which means you have to decipher my script-print handwriting.

The story was written back in 1990 and is set sometime in the David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane era, which means Peter IS still MARRIED to Mary Jane!  Now, I was single at the time I composed this, so my ideas about what I think marriage would be like might be interesting. : )

First up are my goals for the story, which I'm including so you can see if any of those themes survied in the actual plot.  I was shocked to see what I was even contemplating...

Still interested?  Then come back after the break.

Page 1

Page 2 

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Here's the script (I didn't get very far though).
 I would love to see how Mr. "Can I be sick too?" would script this story.

Here I'm storyboarding one of the action scenes.

 And finally a more "polished" (chuckle) panel.

What did you think?  I'd love to hear some honest feedback on this. Don't be too harsh though, I'm not trying to pass myself off as a professional.

It would be fun to commission someone like Ron Frenz to work on this -- only if I had 20 thousand dollars!


  1. I know it's pathetic to comment on your own post, but I think today is our beloved founder's (the Rama-Tut of Comics And...[On issue 9 of Avengers Forever -- excellent series] birthday (or somewhere around this time). So, Happy Birthday Jim!!! I think he's celebrating his 29th birthday for the 28th time or in the DCnu (based off of his Batman avatar) his 23rd birthday for the 34th time.

    I also wanted to update that I did see the new Spider-man movies on opening day. I say movies, because like the 1978 Superman film, it felt like at least two different stories attached together. For the most part I liked it, especially the portrayal of Peter Parker and the changes to his Uncle's death. What I had a very hard time with was Gwen Stacy. She looked very close (I think she'd be softer and wouldn't have such a husky voice) to Gwen in the comics, but seemed WAY too old to be 17. And why did the Lizard have to be so large?! Maybe I'll get to write a spoilers-filled review sometime.

    From Wyoming (nearly 2500 miles on our 5000 mile round trip), take care. One week without shaving so far...

  2. Dude, thanks but my birthday is December 14.

  3. Hey, it can be your half-birthday. I was fooled by your e-mail.