Sunday, July 08, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Ms. Marvel

While we went without power it feel to me to entertain the kids.  Nothing delights children of all ages more than playing with action figures.  But, there was one complaint.  I didn't have enough female characters.  So, for my girls, I wanted to point out strong female leads in comics, so this week it's Ms. Marvel!

Ms. Marvel #1, January 1977.  Pencils John Romita, Inks Dick Giordano
The first issue of Ms. Marvel really is a classic of 1970's comicdom.  It has our heroine bursts off the pages, lots of little heads, and text all over the place to explain what we can plainly see.  It's perfect!

Below the break... more classic covers!

Ms. Marvel #5, May 1977.  Pencils Ed Hannigan, Inks Joe Sinnott
Ok, maybe this week isn't about classic covers.  Maybe it's more about underseen covers.  Personally, I've always loved the Vision.  The whole intagable thing was just too cool!  Way cooler than Kitty Pryde, that's for sure.
Ms. Marvel #10, October 1977. Pencils Sal Buscema, Inks Tom Palmer

Nothing defines silly Marvel villains more than Modok.  Who can resist a cover of a woman punching a giant head?

Ms. Marvel #17, May1978.  Pencils Dave Cockrum, Inks Terry Austin

What do you do when sales falter?  You start have your female leads wear less clothes!  Crossovers and neekid people will always boost sales. 

Ms. Marvel #21, January 1977.  Pencils Dave Cockrum, Inks Joe Rubinstein
This is a swipe from something somewhere but I can't think of it right now.  No matter, it appeals to my inner nerd.  And, for continuity geeks, the lizard people here would later show up in a Rom Spaceknight storyline!

That's all folks, now go enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Makes me want to read the issues. The last one reminds me of the story of Samson.

    How long were you without power? When we were traveling in WVa last weekend, I was on E ready to get gas and had no clue about the extent of the storm damage. First stop not too long past Charleston and there were gas lines out of the 70's. Then further along and the pumps were all bagged up. Finally, we discovered it was due to the wind damage. I told the kids if Jesus could feed 5000 with a few fishes, He could make our gas tank go further if needed. We could also just end up on the side of the road. Losing over an hour of what was a record travel day, we finally ended up close to Huntington, where there was power to work the pumps (23.4 gallon fill-up). The strange thing was that this was the gas station (exit 20 Sheetz) that I was targeting for anyway when certain children's bladders were crying for an early pee break. That got us wondering if there were some reason for the delay. Later, some 40 miles outside of our Louisville destination, traffic was at a dead stop (I guess for some accident). After deliberating for a bit I finally decided to pull a U-turn on I-64. When you see people in front of you backing up to do the same, you know it's bad. So, did God spare us from something that we could have been smack dab in the middle of if we'd been "on-time"? I don't know, but it certainly gave us a chance to trust that He was with us, whatever the circumstance.