Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Vacation!

If you have to sum up the summer in one word, it has to be, "vacation."  So this week it's all about the vacation cover.  Also this week, because it's vacation we have guest commentary by Boy. 

Bugs Bunny Vacation Funnies #1, July 1951.
It doesn't get much more classic than this.  When you talk about vacations, nothing says it more than Bugs Bunny.
Boy:  Doesn't look like a modern day cover but I still like it.

Below the break... more classic covers!

Archie Vacation Special #4, Summer 1996.
What's summer vacation without an Archie comic.  And this has Veronica in... a family friendly situation that I won't make innuendo's about for obvious reasons.

Boy:  I don't know anything about this book.
Me:  If you saw the cover at the store would you want to buy this book?
Boy:  Maybe.  I think you should ask the girls what they think.  I'd prefer a Spider-Man vacation special.

The Eager Beaver 1960 Vacation Fun Book, 1960
Combining comics and learning, this has got to be the best book ever.
Boy:  Ummm learn?  Is this book good?
Me:  I think it's good.  You get to learn and read.
Boy:  Does anyone else think it's good?

The Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1, August 1990
I actually own this.  Not that I could locate it if I tried but I know I have it.  If I ever do find it then I'll give it to Boy.
Boy:  Sounds weird. 

The Tick's Big Cruise Ship Vacation Special #1, September 2000
The Tick was always good for an amusing read and the cover captures the silliness prefectly. 
Boy:  The cartoon was good so this is probably good too.
Note:  Yes I own the tick on VHS.  It really was a great cartoon, even Wife liked it.

That's all folks, now go enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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