Saturday, September 15, 2012

Acknowledging Kevin Maguire at the Baltimore Comic-Con

Last year I was number three in line to sign-up for a Kevin Maguire head-shot.  I requested the Chris Evans Captain America wearing the "Bucky-Rescue" outfit from the movie with the army helmet, goggles, and leather jacket (with just enough of the star showing so you'd know who it was). Kevin has a column for expressions, since that's what he's famous for and I said "heroic, but humble".  Unfortunately, Kevin was super-busy last year (his first at Baltimore) attending panels and was unable to start the piece before he had to leave on Sunday for the train back to New Jersey.  Despite his protestations, I paid him the $100 in advance (and inadvertently left my reference material) knowing I'd spend the money otherwise.  Last week you'll recall I was wondering if he'd even remember the commission, since we hadn't been in contact for over a year. I wasn't even sure he'd be coming back this year until about a week earlier. Find out the rest of the story after the break...

So my oldest son and daughter went with me early on Saturday after the show floor "officially" opened to check out his booth.  YES, he was there already. I tentatively reintroduced myself, mentioning the piece.  "Oh, I started it last night.  I can have it done by tomorrow morning."  I seemed to remember that his head-shots are normally pencil only, so I had mentioned trying to get Josef Rubinstein (who I never found) to ink it. "Oh, I already started inking it."  "That's completely fine -- BETTER even." (Good things come to those who wait.)

Kevin is a bit of an early bird often working from 0200 to 1000 (sounds like my schedule at times), but was trying to transition to "normal" hours to be awake during the show.  We shared some of my daughter's art with him and he was encouraging.  We also talked about the Avengers movie (he saw it at least 5 times in the theater) and he had two predictions: 1) The "dark places" Loki mentions to Thor is likely going to be the Doctor Strange connection that is rumored to appear in Thor II and 2) Agent Coulson may show up again as the Vision, because Fury said he just lost his "eyes".  I hadn't heard about the former rumor and I thought the latter idea was AWESOME!!!  So, if it comes true, you'll know where you heard it first (or at least where I heard it first).

On Sunday, I bring the rest of my brood with me and we pick up the piece.  Here it is in all it's GLORY!  Needless, to say it was worth the wait and I LOVE IT!!!

One topic that Kevin always mentions concerning this outfit is that the concept appeared in his book first, The Adventures of Captain America (1991), even though he didn't get any credit in the film.  I agreed that the film's acknowledgement list was ridiculously short!  I don't want you to misunderstand, he's a good sport about the whole thing.

Anyway, I wanted to add that bit of trivia to my drawing and asked him to say something about it.  I also asked him to date it and after a momentary pause, he had a V8 moment and said "Of course, I know what today's my birthday!"  Here's the dedication (it's priceless and really funny):

Finally, a shot of us together (One Year Later -- who said only comics can jump in time like that).

"Even though you didn't get credit in the film, you got credit on the piece." 
He really seemed to like that idea.

The tales of the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con will continue next time and don't forget to check last Tuesday's Billy Tucci "rolling" post and PLEASE take a LISTEN to the panel (no one has so far...just like the Ron Frenz one I uploaded last year).  What?  People can't listen to "podcasts" on their iPhones?

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