Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Judge Dredd

I've usurped Lee's scheduled post this week to highlight some of the awesome covers from Eagle Comics' Judge Dredd series.  Now, if you think I have an ulterior motive, you're right.  The motive is two-fold:  First, it's a great opportunity to capitalize on the new Dredd 3D movie (hopefully to generate some good traffic for the blog) and secondly, (if all goes as planned) I plan to have an ebay link for my Judge Dredd collection at the end.  Regardless of the reason, these covers are fantastic.  Each is done by Brian Bolland and if you downloaded the Comic-con panel link from yesterday, you can hear Brian speak about his comics career.  Not only that but you'll learn the proper way to pronounce his name.

I'm not going to say too much about these covers -- they speak for themselves, but maybe Jim or Lee will choose to chime in.

Judge Dredd #1, Nov 1983
by Brian Bolland

An iconic classic.  Everything is perfect, including the lettering.

Judge Dredd #6, Apr 1984
by Brian Bolland

I wonder if we'll need this before or after this years election.  That looks like the Star Spangled Banner from the American History museum in D.C. (Brian, Barry, and Mark visited D.C. before going to Baltimore and Brian went missing -- listen to the panel and the Billy Tucci one too and the Ron Frenz one)
Judge Dredd #8, Jun 1984
by Brian Bolland

Just intense -- you can really feel the motion.
Judge Dredd: Judge Child Quest Mini-Series #4, Nov 1984
by Brian Bolland

That's just such a cool image.  How come there's no blood?
Judge Dredd #15, Jan 1985
by Brian Bolland

"Candy everybody wants."  I wonder if they got those zig-zags from Fred Hembeck.
Judge Dredd #23, Sep 1985
by Brian Bolland

A wonderful companion to issue #1.
Judge Dredd #27, Jan 1986
by Brian Bolland

There's the blood!
Judge Dredd #29, Mar 1986
by Brian Bolland

Maybe Dredd doesn't like kids.  He doesn't look to interested in helping him out.
Judge Dredd #33, Jul 1986
by Brian Bolland

Predicting America's obesity crisis 25 years in advance.
2000 A.D. Monthly Mini-Series #1, Apr 1985
by Brian Bolland

Montage scenes are always cool.

In case you missed it above, here's my ebay link for the whole collection.

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