Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I’m Getting September 12

This week is a little bit of a back slide as I have over 30 books on my list. Anytime that happens I immediately try to justify it and decide what to cut. My justification is giving books a second shot with a zero issue and a new series tryout. Bottom line it is just a big week. If you want to see what is coming out click September 12 New Comics for the list from Cosmic Comics, my favorite comic store.

Like any collector I’m have a slight obsession with making lists and trying to break them into different categories. What I will try and do is also use the cover from the book that I’m personally looking forward to the most with each grouping. I will also endeavor to continue to change the order in what goes first.

We will open up the week with Vertigo. I had some argument with colleagues regarding the inherent strength of the Vertigo line at the moment, but many of my favorite books come from Vertigo. This week sees American Vampire Lord of Nightmares #4 (of 5), Punk Rock Jesus #3 (of 6) and Saucer Country #7. I think Saucer Country will not last too long. I have read sales are weak and while I’m enjoying it the quirky nature of the series the premise is a tough sell. Of course having a comic about a clone of Jesus Christ in a reality TV show where the head of security is an ex-IRA member is also a hard sell. I think making it a limited series is a plus because we know the story has a beginning middle and end. Personally I think Punk Rock Jesus is pure genius and doing it in black and white goes shows off the artwork. I’d be remiss not to mention the American Vampire spin off. Scott Snyder has a wealth of great stories to tell about these characters that I will gladly buy every book he wants to write about it.  

Marvel has a few books on my list and a Marvel Masterworks. The regular books are Avengers vs X-Men #11 (of 12), Incredible Hulk #13, Uncanny X-Force #31 and Winter Soldier #10. The Masterworks is Iron First Volume 2 or Volume #185. I’m not sure why but both DC Archives and Marvel Masterworks have really jumped up in price as the retail price point is now at $70. I’m glad I stopped getting all the Masterworks and happy that I sold a fair number of them. I still have a boatload, but for me a more manageable amount. Avengers vs X-Men is such a gold mine for Marvel they are going to be forced to do it again or something of that ilk for their next stunt. Of course the big events will continue until they don’t sell. This one has been okay and since I have dropped almost every other book it impacted it actually saved me money. Hulk I got sucked back into by being told to read #12 and I now I want to see where Jason Aaron is taking the book. X-Force and Winter Soldier are both well done series. In fact Winter Soldier was so good last issue that I’m very curious to see where they take the story.

I’m lumping Image and Dark Horse together. No real reason except that Image only has three titles I’m getting this week which are Chew #28, Hoax Hunters #3 and Manhattan Projects #6. Chew is the star of that group but it is the next issue after #27 which they published months ago so I have no clue what is going on right now. The other two series are just entertainment. Dark Horse has Creep #1, Conan #8, Massive #4 and Victories #2 (of 5). Brian Wood is writing Conan and Massive and he is an amazing writer. I like everything I have read by him. Not all of it is great, but nothing has been bad. Victories has a cool start and I want to see where Mike Oeming is going with this take on super heroes. Last and far, far from least is The Creep #1. The zero issue gave us the back story from Dark Horse Presents I believe. The story is about a private eye who has acromegaly, a physical deformity resulting in brutish facial features at mid-life. John Arcudia writer and Jonathan Case artist have crafted a compelling story about this man and the case he is working on.

The regular DCU stuff is well represented with Batgirl #0, Batman #0, Batman and Robin #0, Demon Knights #0. Frankenstein Agent of Shade #0, Green Lantern Corps #0, Resurrection Man #0, Suicide Squad #0, Team 7 #0 and Shade #12 (of 12). Batgirl is my second chance book and Team 7 is the new kid on the block. I believe oddly enough that Resurrection Man #0 is the last issue of that book. None of these books are high on my radar because I have no clue what to expect from the zero issues. Of all of them I would say I’m most curious about Team 7 because the writer is Justin Jordan who did the Strange Talent of Luthor Strode. I love seeing new voices in the DCU and curious to see if Justin was a one shot wonder with Luther Strode or if he has some real chops to deliver month in and month out. I’m betting he is the real deal.

That leaves me with the catch all grouping. This group includes Before Watchmen The Comedian #3 (of 6), Harbinger #4, Stumptown Volume 2 #1, Thunda #2, Warlord of Mars #21 and X-O Manowar #5. Before Watchmen ends up with everything else as it does not fit with the other material DC is publishing. Overall I’m enjoying all of the BW material; some more than others and the Comedian is one of the better ones. Happy to see Stumptown back and I think I will have to get the collection of Volume 1 now. I had avoided it as I was unsure it the series would continue. Our hardboiled PI is a young woman in the Pacific Northwest set in modern times. The first series was great. Dynamite has Thunda and Warlord of Mars. Both books are close to being cut. I will ride out Thunda for a couple issues but the first issue was only mildly entertaining and for $4 it needs to be better. Warlord of Mars I hang onto because I love the Mars material but may have reached a saturation point with it. Valiant is doing well with me and I hope their sales are enough to justify the company continuing. Both Harbinger and X-O are fine successors for the original series.

That is it for this week, come back next week as we do it all over again. You have to love this industry because week in and week out they continue to give us stories and the material is more diverse then it has been in decades.  

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