Thursday, September 13, 2012

Morning Glories - P.E.

Whee....  It's volume 3 of of the Morning Glories trades.  More pretty young people with lots of stabbing and bleeding.

'Course, I like the cover art's use of shadow and body positioning to show invisible steps, but that's not reason enough to buy this volume.  More substantially, it does progress the story of the variously evil, psychotic, hapless and heroic students and teachers of Morning Glory Academy.  Slowly, but it does advance the story. 

I still don't know in the least what the motivation is for all the machinations by the Academy.  We've had bits of time traveling and historical dopplegangers in the three volumes to date but I still don't know why the school was founded and why its staff is hunting out kids who share a birthday.  Some of them have extraordinary abilities, while others are just cannon fodder.  And they do kill a lot of kids at this school.  Sometimes its the staff doing the killing.  Other times its peers.  Some people stay more dead than others.

Now, I do like the tricks Spencer, Eisma and Esquejo use in telling the story in a Roshomon way.  Giving various perspectives on a shared event is always going to provide a good story, so long as the characters are developed enough to have a unique perspective, as is the case here.

This arc ends with the apparent death of one of the major players in the story.  Whether that sticks we'll have to wait and see.  There's a lot that's going on that the creators haven't shared with us.  That's fair, considering the reader's perspective is that of the core group of students.  I just wish the story would move along a little more rapidly.

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