Sunday, September 09, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Dazzler

There were few series as... interesting (is that the right word) as Dazzler. 

Dazzler #3, May 1981
Pencils:Brent Anderson

Inks:Joe Sinnott
That's right, Brent Anderson of Astro City fame drew this!  Actually, it's a great cover and I love it.  It made me buy the book.  Too bad the insides weren't near as good.

To this day I wonder if Dr. Doom is embarrassed that he was forced into this cross-over. 

Dazzler #11, January 1982
Pencils:Frank Springer

Inks:Vince Colletta
This is another great cover!  First because it's got the "Win a 10 speed" banner that was on every single comic book in 1982.  This was the grandfather of the "I Politican approved this message" market flooding campaign.

Also, I wonder if supervillains like Doom and Terrax get teased by other villians because they lost to Dazzler.

Dazzler #28, September 1983
Painted: Bill Sienkiewicz
Sienkiewicz's first cover was the previous month and it was good too.  But this one was better.  Dazzler was going in a new direction with a new, non-disco ball logo, and fantastic covers.  How long would the thrill last?

Dazzler #33, August 1984
Painted: Bill Sienkiewicz

And, 5 months later, the thrill was gone with the Thriller wasn't!  This will give you an appreciation of just how huge Michael Jackson's Thriller album was. 

Dazzler #34, October 1984
Painted: Bill Sienkiewicz

Bi-monthly schedules make it really hard to carry a story line.  Which is why last month was a salut to MJ's Thriller and this month is a salut to B-grade women's prison movies. 

Dazzler #34, January 1985
Painted: Bill Sienkiewicz

And you know you're series is doomed when you can't even get super villians to fight you.  In this issue... Roller Derby.

Oh well, Dazzler managed to survive another 7 issues into 1986.  The end was painful for everyone.  Luckily the covers are still awesome even after all this time.

Now go outside and enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Read as a whole the stories are a very interesting look at the way women are viewed at the time. Dazzler of all the ones who carried a book at Marvel at the time had as much drama outside the hero business as it did with Marvel characters dropping by. After always seeing the books at flea markets and the like I just gave in and began collected it. I have almost every issue. It is a great book to hunt down like that for someone just starting out buying a series by looking around odd places.

    It did have some amazing covers and some amazing stories.