Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sneeze-Barfing with Jimmy Gownley at the Baltimore Comic-Con

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my next Baltimore Comic-Con recap installment.  Either that or you're waiting for me to move on to something else.  Well, some of you will be pleased at least.  And no, I'm not done yet, but this week you not only get read about it, you get to see it.  That's right: crude video!  It'll also give me more time to work on my LEGO Death Star (50% + done so far) and think of more collections to sell on ebay (the first one went really well -- Thanks!).

The two video's you'll find after the break show my youngest daughter "on stage" at the Kids Love Comics pavilion to illustrate the Sneeze-Barf from Amelia Rules.  And the second one is an example of how to create your own character.  I hope you enjoy them.

Helen is a huge Amelia Rules fan and even bought the latest book with her own money!
I just found out yesterday that Jimmy is taking a break from Amelia Rules to begin some other projects.  Check out this cool article to read all about it. (Lee, you may be able to relate).

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