Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baltimore Comic Con

Well, the Baltimore Comic Convention is this coming weekend and I am going. I have been going to the show every year it's been held and I've always had a great time. It's my one big comic indulgence of the year. So, in case you were wondering, let me tell you about all the fun and exciting things there are to do at the con.

One of my favorite activities is meeting all the artists. If you read this blog regularly, you know I am a total art-guy. And, a con is one of the best ways to get sketches and talk to creators. I am really looking forward to meeting Sergio Aragones. I don’t know if he does sketches but I hope to get something from him. I am sure the line will be ridiculously long to meet him but I just might have to stand in it.

Artists that I have met before that I am hoping to see again include, Kyle Baker, Walter Simonson, and all the guys at Insight Studios. Kyle was great last year and had many a tale to tell. Walt Simonson always fakes knowing me every year but I don’t care. It’s great just watching him pretend. And, the insight guys, Marc Hemple, Marc Wheatley and gang always take time to talk books and state of the industry with any and all fans.

There are many more artist than I can mention. But, I found artists will do a small head sketch in my HC’s. Some people don’t like art in their books but I think it’s great to have a sketch by the artist who actually drew the book. Last year Kyle Baker drew a head sketch in my Plastic Man tpb and David Lloyd drew a sketch in my V for Vendetta HC.

There will also be lots of panels. I think the panel I am most excited by is the Personal Presentation: Al Feldstein from 12:00-12:50 on Saturday. Al Feldstein is best known for his work on EC and eventually took over Mad Magazine. It will interesting to hear his take on comics.

Another that I am interested in is Kids Love Comics, So Why Don't Comics Love Kids? on Saturday from 3:00-3:50. The press blurb says “Join the Kids Love Comics crew along with special guests, including DC Editor Jann Jones, as they discuss how comics have targeted an older generation, and what many talented creators are doing about it.” I know I wish to share my collection with my kids but there are so few books these days I can let them read. This will be interesting to see what people are actually doing to lower the reading limit on some books.

I’m only attending the show on Saturday but Sunday has Spotlight on the Kuberts and Spotlight on Jim Shooter. Talk about great panels. They organizers are really working hard to get people to come to both days.

Finally, for the real diehard there is the 2007 Harvey Awards Saturday night. Tickets are pricey at $75 but you get cocktail hour starting at 7:00pm, dinner (filet mignon and crabcake) and ceremony to follow. Kyle Baker will be the MC and Sergio Aragones will be the keynote speaker. If you really want to met the creators this is the event to do it. Attendance will be smaller because of the price so you can actually get quality face time with people. AND, you get a giftbag that includes The EC Archives: Two Fisted Tales - Volume 1 from Gemstone Publishing among other things. So, dinner, drinks, and a $50 hc just for going. It’s really quite a deal.

No matter if you’re going for one day or two. The Baltimore Con is a great time. You can find me at the Cosmic Comix booth or just wandering around. See ya there.


  1. I am so envious. If I was going I'd be standing in line forever to beg Barry Kitson to do a sketch of Brainiac 5 for me. Alas. Hopefully I'll be able to make a comic con next year :) Have fun!

  2. Look forward to seeing you there on Sunday! And Brainiac, no line will equal the one last year for John Cassaday. Never moved for almost an hour. Had to get out eventually.

  3. I can't wait! I've already started to assemble some of my stuff to bring. My first Spider-man Masterworks (Vol 1) contains signatures by John Romita, Mike Weiringo, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Alex Sauvik and two goregous sketches by Erik Larsen (one Peter Parker, one Green Goblin). I hope to get Erik to do another Spider-man villian. He does sketch's for free as well as Scott Kurtz. Ron, get Scott to do a sketch of you promoting PvP on the radio show.

    I highly recommend stopping by to see Andy Runton. He does "Owly as" sketches for free also. Check out and click on sketches to see some that he's done. There's even an Owly as Constantine. I'm sure you could get Owly as Braniac 5 for your daughter Jim with Wormy as shrinking violet maybe. He's also one of the nicest guys on the planet.

    I've gotten some sketches by Steve Conley for the past two years. They're usually only $10 for a full figure. He's also a really nice guy and y'all should check out the SPXPO in October - talk about independent comics.

    I plan on getting a commission from Herb Trimpe. I've already contacted him about rates. I may have him draw it in my PhotoJournal Guide. I love having my HC's signed. Too bad for the cruddy JK Omnibus paper, there's no room for a Walter Simonson sketch. But I hope to get one this year.

    I plan on going to that Kids Love Comics seminar too. And I'll bring my 4 older children on Sunday to the show. It'll be a nice break from my constant ApologetiX concert promoting. We've sold 78 tickets so far (that I know of) for our Sept 22 concert in Columbia. Go to for details (shameless plug).

    Marc Nathan told me that the entrance is now on the street between the two convention buildings and that the first 100 people or so will get a free Gwen Stacy toon-tumbler. I love my MJ one.

    I also hope to go by CGC and get some advice on whether or not I should slab some of my FF's.

    I hope Sergio is doing doodle sketches.

    See you there!

  4. Lines are never worth it. You spend more time waiting for one thing when you can have 10 or 12 other things. Waited one year for an hr to get a Mike Kaluta sketch. It's cool but I wanted the time more than the sketch.