Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football Talk

There's a new unstoppable force in football.
... The Cleveland Browns.
The games not over so there's still a chance but it looks like the Browns are going to win today!
I feel bad for whoever they played today.

The above post is being left only due to this blog's upholding anyone's right to a total a**. Yes the Ravens looked very ordinary today. I hate divisional games, anything can happen and usually does.

The above - above post represents an honest, and intellectual statement of facts regarding a certain professional football team. Namely, the Cleveland Browns and their very impressive beating ... NAY CRUSHING... of the Baltimore Thugs.. umm I mean Baltimore Raisins.

The random, psychotic rambling (appropriately in red ink) following the initial factual, intellectual post is just a grumbly, mumbly Ravens fan who can't handle the truth.
The green words above are the hopeful ravings of a deluded fool, who believes that the entire season is over after 4 weeks. (For those of you playing along at home Lee and I could continue these exchanges forever).

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