Monday, September 10, 2007

What I’m Getting Wednesday

This week has a huge number of new books coming out. At this level I really need to do some more cutbacks, but for every title that I take off my list another one or sometimes two seems to appear. The mini-series mentality is really killing me, they will have to be one and done if the first issue is not a winner. Too often I have hung onto a mini-series that was a loser, most recently one that comes to mind is Omega Flight.

Booster Gold #2 – This is the surprise title of the year for me. I never imagined that a comic with Booster Gold as the lead could be one that would have me excited about it. The first issue was a perfect first issue and I’m anxious to see Booster begin his quest to save time.

Batman Confidential #9 – This has been a strong story so far. This is Michael Green’s (writer) take on who the Joker was before he become the Joker. I think that almost everyone who does Batman at one time or another wants to put their stamp on the Joker. Unfortunately this leads to overuse of the Joker in Batman books, so if you are going to do a Joker story, bring your “A” game and so far in this arc they have.

Black Adam The Dark Age #2 (of 8) – The first issue was rock solid. I still wonder where this story will end, because Black Adam just turning over his powers to Mary Marvel and then walking away seems like a hiatus for Teth-Adam and not an end point.

Countdown #33 – We are almost to the halfway point and I’m still ambivalent on this title. What holds me in is it has some core stories and is a necessary book in the DCU at this time, so I guess I’m stuck on this book till the bitter end.

Countdown Presents the Search for Ray Palmer : Wildstorm Universe – DC seems intent on making us follow Kyle (when did he show up?), Donna, Jason and a Monitor as they search across the multi-verse for Ray Palmer. I’m signing up to see what is going on, but I’m hesitant to believe it has an impact. Definitely has the feel of an add on book that serves no real purpose.

JLA Wedding Special #1 – The whole Black Canary / Green Arrow has felt contrived, yet I have enjoyed all of the books surrounding the event, including last week's Wedding Planner. This is another prelude to the actual wedding and begins Dwayne McDuffie’s run on the JLA.

JLA Classified #42 – Walt Simonson covers, and a story line that focus on the Martian Manhunter. All good things in my book. Justin Gray and Rick Leonardi are the creative team.

Justice Society of America #9 – This issue is a prelude to the Superman from “Kingdom Come” showing up on the JSA’s doorstep. This book packs character development, plot and action into almost every issue. Geoff Johns owns this book and Dale Eaglesham’s art is among the best in the business.

Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders Volume #1 – 552 pages of glorious black and white pages of Batman and the Outsiders. The vast majority of this material is by Mike W. Barr as writer and the vastly underrated Jim Aparo on art. This is the first forming of the Outsiders and these were enjoyable stories.

Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #1 (of 8) – I have really been looking forward to this book, especially to see John Ostrander back on a book that was one of the best books ever done by DC. If you ever get the chance pick up the original 66(?) issues, which were all written by John Ostrander and you will find a hidden gem of a series. After a lot of years, I’m anxious to see how they can revisit this concept.

Superman #667 – Ending the Camelot Falls story line, this is part 1 of the two part ending. Carlos Pacheo is leaving Superman after next issue, which is a shame as he is a great artist, but Busiek is staying on. The Camelot Falls story line has been drawn out, but has been one of the better stories in a Superman book in a long time.

Green Lantern #23 – The Sinestro War continues. Flat out the best story line going on in any super hero book right now. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

Wonder Girl #1 (of 6) – Not sure what the reason was for this mini-series, but it I like the character and hope the series defines who she is now, after all that she has gone through.

Trails of Shazam #8 (of 12) – This book has suffered from a slow schedule. I believe Howard Porter’s new style has slowed him down. Still I have enjoyed Freddie going through the trials to earn the power of Shazam and hope that we see him win enough of those powers to take a larger role in the DCU.

Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus – 784 pages in a hard bound format with color. I’m concerned as I’m almost positive it will be the ultra light paper used in the Jack Kirby Omnibus and I prefer heavier stock paper. Still these were good stories and I’m happy to have them again in a more permanent format.

Fables #65 – Buy this book or buy the trades and catch up, but this is DC’s best long term vertigo series. The official hype for this issue is “Flycatcher is in trouble. He hasn't had food or water for more than a month and the power he's been drawing from his magic armor is running out. If Flycatcher falls, his army perishes with him. At the same time, everyone in Fabletown is able to watch his trials and tribulations reality-show style via the Magic Mirror.”

Jack of Fables #14 – Bill Willingham and Matthew Struges have made one of the most unlikable characters in comics into a book that is fun to read almost every issue out. Jack is a total a**, yet you can’t help but root for him in most issues. Solid series.

Stormwatch PHD #11 – A solid group book. Last issue Slaughterhouse Smith took the group down with astonishing ease, how will they retaliate and are they just too far over their heads? Christos Gage and Andy Smith bring us the answer.

Gen 13 #12 – Last issue the Authori-teens cracked me up. The young version of the Authoirty was just too funny and this issue involves more of their involvement in trying to capture the Gen 13 kids. Gail Simone as writer makes this book work.

Welcome to Tranquility #10 – The official hype “Secrets will be revealed in this ground-breaking issue! Sheriff Lindo finally learns the truth of why her grandfather left her family, just as some dead residents start appearing in town — feasting upon residents! Zombies!” I’m not sure what the sales numbers are on this book, but its lower then it should be. This is a good series by Gail Simone and Neil Google that gets better the longer it goes on.

Daredevil #100 – An extra-sized issue featuring a lot of past artists to give us a retrospective of DD’s career and start the next arc in the book. Not sure the last arc ever ended, but that’s okay as it has been a decent story. Last issue’s reveal was lost on me as I had no idea of why Mr. Fear was a big deal. Still DD under Brubaker has been a decent read.

Fantastic Five #5 (of 5) – What has been a great mini-series about a possible future FF comes to a close with a classic battle of Reed Richards versus Dr. Doom. This has been a fun series, hate to see it end.

Heroes for Hero #13 – This series has been surprisingly good, but I think they have been drawn too deep into WW Hulk. Still Zeb Wells has made this unlikely group a solid read.

New Avengers #34 – The one monthly book that I always question why I’m getting it. This is not 100% true as I find that Bendis has a lot going of things going on that impacts the rest of the Marvel U. happening in this book, but I still close to dropping it.

Thor #3 – Billed as the meeting of Thor and Tony Stark. I’m really considering going the trade paperback route or dropping this book all together. I know JMS builds stories slowly, but this is too slow. Hopefully things pick up this issue.

Nova #6 - When last we left Richard Ryder we find that his ex-girl friend Gamora had turned him into one of the Phalanx. She had already been turned and now has turned Richard. This book has been now stop since issue #1 and is an excellent series. One of my favorite from Marvel.

Spider-Man Fairy Tales #4 (of 4) – I pass this onto Gwen without reading it, be curious as to her impression of the series.

Ultimate Power #7 (of 9) – I keep hoping that the Squadron Supreme series will one day come back, but until then this is the one book that features them. At least with the way the whole Squadron Supreme story has gone we can see the Mark Gruenwald’s original take on them in the 12 part series was a better series as it actually told an entire story. JMS Squadron Supreme story seems like it will never have an ending. As for this series itself, it has been forgettable.

Ultimate Spider-Man #113 – We are into Part 2 of the new six issue arc and I think Stuart Immonen did a stellar job taking over as artist. He has made the characters his own and retained the overall feeling Bagley had achieved in this book. The story itself involves the Green Goblin who has become Spider-Man’s Joker in many ways.

X-Factor #23 – Last issue Layla Miller was floating downstream face down, hopefully she survives. Now my second favorite X-Book that I read as X-Men First Class is now my favorite X-Book to read. Still this is a great series and features Peter David as his best.

Nightly News TP – This series was great. A political commentary wrapped up in a story about a cult. Excoriating everything from major media to pharmaceutical companies to Washington politics. A great read with some eye opening facts.

Bad Planet #3 (of 6) – Todd Farmer told me it was a six issue series, but it is being solicited as a 12 part series, so who the heck knows, just go out and buy this series. Great stuff, an alien invasion story with an alien bad a@@ coming into save the day. Raw Studios are putting out some of the best books on the market right now and taping a genre that is not being tapped by anyone else.

BPRD the Killing Grounds #2 (of 5) – Not caught up yet to this series, but the overall BPRD series itself is a great story. The whole Mignola Universe is a pulp fiction, film noir and supernatural dream come true.

Cover Girl #5 (of 5) – The wrap up as the heroine is going in to take the bad guys down. The art felt a little weak last issue, but the story has been out and out great fun. Action/adventure/drama and comedy all told in a fast paced manner. A very good series.

Fear Agent the Last Goodbye #3 (of 4) – The official hype War. “The human resistance, having compiled a powerful stock of alien munitions, has begun to do the unthinkable—fight back. Led by Heath Huston, the self-proclaimed Fear Agents dig in deep and hold the line against the malevolent alien forces as the handful of remaining scientists work against the clock on a bomb that will hopefully drive the invaders off our world. The best-laid plans of mice and men . . .” Rock solid enjoyable series, looking forward to this book being collected in a hard cover one day.

Fallen Angel #20 – Not sure what this issue is about as last issue wrapped up the Shi story line. This series feels like it should have an end game as the endless adventures of Fallen Angel could get boring. Still David has crafted a solid series that is usually a good read.

Potter’s Field #1 (of 3) – Read my review and go buy this book. The first issue was excellent, a winner from BOOM.

Cthulu Tales Tainted One Shot – A prestige format size book containing a series of short stories dealing with the Lovecraftian horror themes. I trust BOOM studios to deliver a good package and I hope this will be a solid read. The Cthulu series has delivered some really nice stories.

Drafted #1 – The new series from Devil’s Due. An alien invasion comes to Earth and people are drafted to defend us. The $1 preview was okay, but I have reservations going in with this book. We shall see.

Lone Ranger #8 – Probably my last issue on this title. It just moves to slow and does not hold up well in comparison to Jonah Hex, which does one and done stories. If the overall stories were better it would be okay, but it feels stretched out to make the story six issues long.

Whew and that wraps up a pretty big week of books. A lot to look forward too and I already have a couple books targeted as possible drops, so these issues are key to them surviving on my list.


  1. Normally the scantily-clad female covers are good for a laugh, but I really like the cover for Nova. (The girl's body also looks like it could be found in nature, so it's not distracting the way Madam Mirage's assets are!) Who is the artist that drew the cover?

  2. Arielle - I agree and the cover is by Adi Granov.

  3. Bah, I'm only correct 25 percent of the time. Recently I heard Tom say something about a 12 part series as well. I'm gathering with the whole clan on Wednesday, I'll ask then.

  4. Todd - 25% of the time. Man that's a sad admission. I'm right almost all the time - at least in my own delusional world.