Monday, September 24, 2007

What I’m Getting Wednesday

One more killer week of books and then I escape to a five week month in October. September has been a huge month with a fair number of trades, hard covers and a ton of books. As I have said before you can collect a lot of independent titles and have almost none of them show and then they can all show at once. This week it is DC and Marvel flooding the market with product and only a few independent books.

Fall of Cthulhu #6 – Starting a new story this issue. These stories have really spurred me on to go out and seek some of the source material and read Lovecraft’s work. From reading the stories I get a feeling that the horror associated with this material is a primal type fear and if you frell with them you will lose.

Astounding Wolf Man #3 – Another Robert Kirkman creation and written by the creator. The art is very loose and still a little amateurish, but Kirkman has made this book to be unpredictable in where we are going. He zigs, when you are expecting a zag. This has a fun read for the first two issues, looking forward to issue #3.

Brit #2 – Another Robert Kirkman creation, that he now acts as editor on. Kirkman is slowly building his own line of books with Image. The first issue was okay. Killing Brit at the end is very typical type ending lately, but I trust these guys will twist it enough to keep us off balance.

Walking Dead Volume 7 TP – One of two series I get as a trade. I really have enjoyed this series and I’m almost tempted to switch over to monthlies as Kirkman (yes him again as writer/creator) has ratcheted up the anything can happen vibe to this book. Walking Dead is a must read.

Killing Girl #2 (of 5) – Not written by Robert Kirkman, instead written by Glen Brunswick and art by Frank Espinosa (who will not be finishing the series). The first issue was very good and issue #2 should be good. The official hype “What if the Mafia had their own secret service...? Sara has uncovered the truth: Her sister is alive. Just one quick kill...then Sara will slip away to spend some overdue quality time with her long lost sibling. Unfortunately, her current target may complicate matters. The FBI agent she's been assigned to kill is also her sister's fiance.”

Left on Mission #4 (of 5) – I was fortunate enough to receive an advance look at this book and have already posted a review on it. Once again I will say a great series.

Annihilation Conquest: Star Lord #3 (of 4) – This has been just an amazing little mini-series. Keith Giffen and Timothy Green have done a fantastic job with the intergalactic dirty dozen theme storyline. Star Lord and Rocket Racoon are my two favorite members of those who are left.

Avengers/Defenders War Hardcover – This was an decent story by Steven Englehart with okay art by Bob Brown and Sal Buscema. Nice to see in a a reasonable priced package for only $20. I’m buying this more for nostalgia purposes, then it being a story for the ages. I appreciate Marvel doing stuff like this that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Avengers Initiative #6 – This book is slowly winning me over of all the launches out of Civil War, this is one of the only new ones I didn’t cancel. Cloud 9 has become a character that I enjoy and I get a kick out of seeing a ridiculous character like Slapstick getting face time in the MU.

Criminal #9 – Still following Tracy Lawless quest to avenge his brother’s death as he finds himself drawn more into the criminal life. The second arc of this book has been much better then the first arc and the first arc was a decent story. I’m tempted to switch over to trades for this book, but not yet.

Iron Fist #9 – Part 2 of the contest of the Seven Cities of Heaven. I recently read the Iron Fist Essential and enjoyed the adventures of Danny Rand then and I’m enjoying the new adventures of Danny Rand as well. Brubaker and Fraction have done a good job of remaining true to the source material and enhancing it with adding more depth to it. One of Marvel’s best series.

Iron Fist Annual #1 – A double dose of Iron Fist this week, that’s a good thing, but I still think Marvel should have spread them over a couple of weeks. This issue is providing more background on Danny’s predecessor Orson Randall.

Iron Man #22 – Daniel and Charles Knauf do a good job of writing this book, but the story seems to be very stretched out. Maybe the new status quo is here to stay, but I want more of a confrontation with the Mandarin and Tony’s duties as director of SHEILD dominate the story lines (as one would expect). Still the first time I have followed Iron Man in years, so it is a good job.

Marvel Illustrated Last of the Mohicans #5 (of 6) – A book I send onto Gwen and never read. Hope we get a review of it once it is complete. I would like to know if this line has any value.

Punisher Barracuda TP – The collection of the Barracuda mini-series spun off from the Punisher. My expectations are mixed on this book as I’m not sure I like the idea of creating a nemesis for the Punisher in the Max line, it doesn’t feel right based on the way Frank is portrayed in the Max series.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #46 – My last issue of this book. Mike Carey does a fine job writing it and Pascul Ferry is a good artist, so why am I dropping the title? I don’t buy into this group as the Fantastic Four. They are too far removed from the original group for me to have any real buy in and therefore I find I don’t care about them as characters.

Ultimate Spider-Man #114 – This book is the opposite of Ultimate FF for me. Peter is younger, but eminently recognizable as a version of the Spider-Man that I grew up with, so I do care about this character. Last issue was the best issue in this series in a long time and I loved how Machiavellian Bendis made Norman Osborune. Looking forward to the next part of this arc.

Sub-Mariner #4 (of 6)- This has been a decent series so far, but having Venom in it is just blah. All of a sudden Venom is everywhere in the Marvel Universe. Curious to see how this series plays out. Marvel has been playing up the Namor lately and I wonder if this series is re-establishing his place in the new status quo of Marvel.

X-Men First Class #4 – This is flat out just a wonderful re-imagining and updating of the adventures of the first X-Men. Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz have crafted a modern, yet classic take that is fun to read. My favorite X-Book right now.

X-Men #203 – The Marauders true goal is supposed to be revealed this issue. I have enjoyed this arc because Bobby and Cannonball are two characters in the X-Men who I have usually enjoyed. Overall though I may be done with the X-Books soon.

American Virgin #19 – The official hype says it all “Concluding the 5-part "Around the World." Paris: the city of lights…the city of love…the city of sex. And Adam Chamberlain has not one, not two, but three shocking revelations for the new woman in his life. One involves a question, one involves his future, and one involves changing the title of the book from American Virgin to something else.” Should be a good issue.

Crossing Midnight #11 – This book is really one of the better books on the stands. It covers so many different genres and tells a great story focusing on the twin brother and sister who are caught up in forces beyond their control. This maybe Mike Carey’s best work ever.

Astro City : The Dark Age Book 2 #4 (of 4) – As always this has been an excellent story, but also as always the eternal lateness of this book just kills the excitement that this series could generate. If this book showed up even eight times a year it would really be a major hit.

Deathblow #7 – I’m not sure if this book is just super slow in coming out or if it is getting cancelled. The excitement that I felt for this story has also been drained by its lateness. Some books can survive coming out when ever, but a complex plot line and obtuse story telling of Brian Azzarello demands a schedule close to monthly.

Wetworks #13 – J.M. DeMattesis has kept the writing quality on this title at a high level. This issue the original team joins with the new team and is fighting off Night Tribes.

52 Aftermath The Four Horsemen #2 (of 6 ) – Giffen had a good start to this series. I love his dialogue between Bruce and Clark. I went in not knowing what to expect, but the first issue was an interesting story of the reappearance of the Four Horsemen and how Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman will deal with it.

Blue Beetle #19 – Giganta is hired to take down Blue Beetle. This is a great series depicting a young man coming to grips with being a super hero. One of DC’s best ongoing series that remains pretty much to itself.

All Star Batman and Robin #8 – This book has actually become a title I look forward to reading. Miller has crafted a totally different type of Batman and recreated the DCU in this title. The heroes are all a little unhinged, but the story is fast paced and being well drawn by Jim Lee. If the book can just come out four times a year it has a chance to recapture its audience.

Batman #669 – Concluding the 3 part Batman and The Club of Heroes murder mystery drawn by JH Williams III. This has been a surprising nice murder mystery tale by Grant Morrison set on a remote island. Looking forward to the concluding chapter.

GA Year One #5 (of 6) – Really can’t wait for this book. Diggle and Jock have so far done what will be GA’s definite origin story for the foreseeable future. I may get the trade of this one.

Countdown #31 – The last issue was okay, but I think my problem with this series will continue to be the same lament I have had for awhile, no real end points to the stories being told, therefore we have been building up to something for almost five months now.

Countdown to Adventure #2 (of 8) - Really enjoyed last issue. Adam Strange replaced as Rann’s hero, Animal Man and Starfire trying to figure out where there lives will take them next. Forerunner’s origin was interesting, but I’m not sold on this character yet, still having her series as a backup story is a good way to introduce her.

Showcase Presents Metal Men Volume 1 – Probably the only way we will ever see this zany material reprinted. I hope that they do a second volume as I have always wanted to re-read the time when they ran around in human disguises.

JSA Classified #30 – Part 2 of the Mr. Terrific story. The first part of this story was a disappointment as it was just an adventure and was not building any real focus on Mr. Terrific who has become one of my favorite DCU characters. Hopefully this issue will get more into Michael’s background.

JLA Classified #43 – Continuing the Martian Manhunter story of how he met the JLA. The first issue was interesting, but did not really add anything to J’onn’s story. Still looking forward to this issue.

JLA #13 – Really looking forward to this issue after reading the JLA Wedding Special. Dwayne McDuffie and Joe Benitez bring us the Injustice League versus the JLA. This book should really rock now and feels like the beginning of a great era for the JLA.

Spirit #10 – Darwyn Cooke with J. Bone continue their run on the Spirit. I have heard issue 12 is Cooke’s last issue, but 11 issues of his work is still a joy to behold. Hopefully the first 12 will get a hardcover in an oversized format.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #34 – Continuing the Quest for Cosmic Boy. Tony Bedard has done a great job of carrying the torch on this book after Waid left it. I know Jim Shooter is coming on the book with issue #37, but Bedard is doing such a good job I was happy with him writing the book.

Superman Confidential #6 – To get this book back being published DC has decided to publish part 6 of the Kryptonite saga whenever it is completed. “Sigh”, DC has done this with Wonder Woman and two different major story lines in Superman books. This issue we go back to an early Superman story featuring Lori Lemaris, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, all the major LLs except Lana.

Teen Titans #51 – The Titans Tomorrow story line stars in earnest as Sean McKeever takes over as the writer of this book. I have a feeling that Sean is posed to make some definite runs on books at DC. He is a really good writer and being given series that were already decent. The Titans have been in need of a direction for awhile and Sean seems to have some storylines laid out.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 (of 8 ) – The second mini-serie sfeaturing Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Same writers with a new artist. I love this group of seldom used heroes and enjoyed the first series a lot and look forward to this second mini-series.

Wonder Woman Annual #1 - Wrapping up the storyline from the first arc of the current Wonder Woman series. I'm getting it, but could really care less about it, the re-launch was poorly executed to say the least.

And that's a wrap on another huge week of books. I look forward to a five week month in October.


  1. I really enjoy Lovecraft. I like him better than Poe, actually.

    The stories I liked best did not involve the elder gods though.

  2. What is a good collection to get? I'm looking for some reading when I visit Florida during Christmas. Dark tales of horror, always good Christmas reading.

  3. There are a LOT of different publishers that have released H.P. Lovecraft's work. As a basic introduction to his work, I would recommend Penguin's The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

    This volume seems to contain the stories that Lovecraft is most famous.

    My personal favorites are not part of the Cthulu mythos. The Picture in the House, The Rats in the Walls and The Color Out of Space were some of the most memorable to me.

    Now, some people have called Lovecraft a bad writer. That may be true - all I know is that while I enjoyed and admired Poe's horror, it never had much of a punch for me. But I found Lovecraft to be genuinely suspenseful; and some of his stories actually invoked a genuine feeling of horror for me.

  4. that Lovecraft is most famous FOR. I need to drink my morning coffee.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person while you're down here, btw.

  5. Arielle - Thanks - I will probably bring that book down for Christmas. Look forward to meeting you also - I have met Mike, now I need to met you and the kids.