Friday, July 11, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

I had a lot of books to read this week. First of all the two novels listed were both read over one day because I got stuck at the airport for several hours. Then, thanks to the shipping problems two weeks ago, I ended up with a large stack of comic books to wade through. Still, there was plenty of enjoyable reading material.

Legion of Superheroes #43 (DC)

Ah, we have reached a familiar destination. I'm fairly certain every version of the Legion of Superheroes has been disbanded at one point or another (some teams more than once!). Still, I love this book and am interested to see how this Legion handles it. I am also interested in the background plot that started with the new uniforms. LoSH is one of the best superhero comics out there.

Madame Xandu #1 (Vertigo)

First of all the art for this book is gorgeous and absolutely captivating! The story, while intriguing and well written has me a bit confused. I'm assuming that Madame X's origins are being established at the moment. Confusing or not, it's a story worth reading and I'm looking forward to next issue. I am amused by Matt Wagner working within Arthurian myth - I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Manhunter #32 (DC)

I'm sad Blue Beetle didn't get to be more of a guest star. Sure, he's just a kid, but I really love his character and wish they'd found a way to work him in the story for more time. The revival of Manhunter has been enjoyable so far. I hope the book does well enough this time out to continue for quite awhile.

Vex#1 (Image-Shadowline)

Eh. This was alright but I'm not sold yet. The plot was somewhat disjointed so I'll withhold judgment until I've see more of the series.

Alibi - Pilot (Top Cow)

This is another Pilot Season book. I know I get to vote for two books but so far Twilight Guardian is still holding the #1 spot for me. This was well done though. It was a neat spy story and the premise was interesting. I'm not sure if the cliffhanger ending was awful or brilliant though - it actual feels like cheating (having a cliffhanger for a pilot book). I think I'll lean toward brilliant though - way to fight dirty guys ;) Anyway, while this was well done so far it was a watered down Left on Mission (because after LoM I have higher standards when it comes to spy stories).

Blue Beetle #28 (DC)

This was a filler story but it was cute and fun to read. I hope the new creative team dynamics will keep Blue Beetle in my top 10 for this year.

Echo #4 (Abstract)

This comic just keeps getting better and better. Beautiful art, exceptional story - what more could you ask for?

House of Mystery #3 (Vertigo)

I think this was my favorite issue so far. As much as I enjoy the divergent stories I am curious as to Fig's story. This issue was a bit more focused on the core characters and I found it fascinating. I can't wait to see where this book is going!

Fables #74 (Vertigo)

Honestly, as good as this issue was, it just made more more impatient for next issue. Great cover art though.

Fear Agent #22 (Dark Horse)

I had a hard time getting into the series originally - Jim was really sending it to me so my boyfriend could read it. I find myself enjoying Fear Agent immensely these days despite it being a hard sell for me. It's a lot of outrageous fun while still telling a deeper story.

Batman #678 (DC)

What the frell? I don't understand what's going on in this book at all any more. By the way, I have a hard time imagining Nightwing getting jumped while on a phone call. This book is completely bogus - that's right, bogus. Maybe when all is said and done it will be a good story as Morrison is a talented writer, but at the moment I am not enjoying this book. Perhaps if dropping acid was my recreational pastime I'd like this story more.

Atom #25 (DC)

The wasn't a great wrap up. It's sort of anti-climatic to kill Panda when we thought he was dead before. I'm sorry this book is being canceled though. Also, I really hope people stop referring to the Atom as the 'Mighty Mite' - its terrible.

Crossing Midnight #19 (Vertigo)

Another canceled book. I can't believe this series was so short lived - it was really well done. It was a good finale though and still left opportunity for future books.

Dynamo 5 #14 (Image)

It seems like this book is gaining depth. I was really happy with this issue as Scrap was a focus and I really like how she's taken things into her own hands.

New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

I picked this book up on a whim at the airport. This was an amazing look into the characterization of one girl. I was amazed at how intensely involved I became with Bella's thoughts and feelings. The plot wasn't terribly important, but I am curious to pick up the first book in this series.

Specials - Scott Westerfeld

As I mentioned last week these books were recommended to me by my boss. This is the last book in the first trilogy of Westerfeld's 'future' world. It's been interesting to see the main character go though so many changes in such a short amount of time. While I did like these stories I could do without imagining the main character with sharp pointy teeth, razor sharp nails and 'flash' tattoos. The multiple appearance changes made it hard to visualize Tally after a point. I'm looking forward to beginning the next trilogy.


  1. How deep does Madame Xandu tie into Arthurian legend? I've been kinda sitting on the fence about this book as to whether I should pick it up. This would help put it into the "sure, why not" category.


  2. Scott -

    So far this book is very involved in Arthurian legend although I imagine that eventually it will end up in more current times. I highly recommend it though, it was excellent. I'm very excited to see where this book is going and honestly I wasn't sure if I'd like it at all just reading the hype.

  3. Sounds like I'm gonna give it a go. I read an online preview of issue 2 this morning as well, plus Matt Wagner is always worth a look. :)