Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jim & Lee's Mailbox

Believe it or not, Jim and I actually get fan mail. HEY NOW! Seriously, we get all sorts of letters from Comics And… groupies. Once again, let’s pull back the curtain and see what happens behind the scenes at Comics And…

Letter #1
Dear Lee and Jim,
You guys are both really old dorks and two of the biggest geeks breathing. The fact that both of you got married and had kids is one of the biggest mysteries of our life times.
Lee: Huummm. The problem with this email is that Gwen is right. I’m continually amazed that I’m married. Actually I’m amazed my wife puts up with me.
Jim: I’m not amazed that I’m married again. They don’t call me Mr. Fantastic for nothing. Hey comic fan boys need love too!

Letter #2
Dear Lee,
Jim seems to be really smart and a great guy and you seem to be the annoying little brother. Are you guys related?
Curious George.
Lee: Actually, we’re not. But we get this question often. We’re kinda like Arnie and Danny in the movie Twins. I’m taller, better looking, and he’s… he’s more devious.

Letter #3
Dear Jim,
I am continually surprised by Lee’s incredibly insightful commentary. You are darn lucky to have someone with such vision on your blog. How did you manage to find such astonishing talent?
Freddy, the Faithful Reader
Jim: Freddy, I know Lee put you up to this. If it wasn’t for me carrying that dead weight on my back he would be nothing. Of course the way I get him to do any work is to threaten him about posting those photos with him from his last visiting to a petting zoo.

Letter #4
Dear Gwen
Long time reader, first time writer, and I have to say that I admire your ability to put up with the two male boobs that seem to dominate not only this blog, but comics in general. I bet your as beautiful as you are smart.
Gwen: TeeHee, oh Andre. That’s so sweet! (Twirls hair – blushes). The boys are so hard on me. (sniff) Tell me again how wonderful I am. (Giggles)

Letter #5
Dear Jim,
Do you still regret not buying Action Comics #1 when you saw it on the newsstand that day or have you gotten over it yet?
B. Wayne
Jim: It was 10 cents damn it. Do you know how much 10 cents was worth back in those days. Why would I part with a hard earned dime on some wacky magazine?

Letter #6
Dear Lee,
Is it true you were beat up a lot a child?
Mr. Tyson
Lee: While I did live in fear for many years of my life, my speed allowed me to perfect a technique I called “Run and Taunt”. This consisted of me running ahead of the Bully Du Jour, taunted them viciously until they got close, then running a little farther away and taunting some more. The key is keeping yourself within earshot but not so close that they can catch you. Such training in my youth has helped me to develop my sparkling personality!

So there you have it. A small sampling of what you, the readers think of us.

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