Friday, July 18, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

I'm light on the comic book reviews this week, but they are supplemented with movies and an awesome book (series). I'm going to see Dark Knight tomorrow and that should be fun :)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This movie was excellent! I liked it even better than the first one. As much as I was rooting for the 'bad guys' half of the time this movie still stayed true to the B.R.P.D. characters and we were even gifted with the arrival of Dr. Krauss (whom I didn't expect as I hadn't seen him in the trailers). Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. Overall this has been a great year for comic book movies...

with one exception -


The entire premise of this movie is the 'loom of fate'. That's right, a loom that for 1000 years has had mis-stitching interpreted into binary code with gives the names that the Foundation of Assassins is supposed to target and kill. *cough* The sad part is, I'm not making this up.

B.R.P.D. - The Warning #1

And excellent start to this next story arc. I really love these books.

Wonder Woman #22 (DC)

I have to hand it to Gail Simone, she's really managed to turn this book around. I really can't believe that I'm actually excited to read Wonder Woman again. The 'Ends of the Earth' plot has been fantastic. Along with exploring who Wonder Woman is we're also given a great supporting cast - the Claw, Beowulf and Stalker. Awesome :)

I Kill Giants #1 (Image)

What a cool concept for a book. The art is excellent and the story well done. I especially loved the main character walking around school wearing giant bunny ears. The premise is a lot of fun, a girl who claims to kill giants. She's a storyteller for a table top game but I have a feeling the writer is going to play with the lines between fantasy and reality.

JSA #17 (DC)

Eh, I am still not sold on this Gog story. It was fun to have Thom be more coherent after being 'cured' by Gog. Honestly though the story is moving a bit slow.

Booster Gold 1million (DC)

This was a great issue. I was happy to see that Batman at least figured out how important Booster's work has been, everyone needs a little bit of recognition. I'm looking forward to next issue now that Booster has a partner besides Skeets.

Action Comics #867 (DC)

Wow... someone finally wrote Supergirl right. In all of her own books she comes across as erratic at best - two pages in this single Superman story and I feel like I finally understand her. Way to go Geoff Johns! Oh yeah, cool Brainiac story too!

Young X-Men #4 (Marvel)

So, Scott Summers isn't really Scott Summers... which makes sense. Still, I'm not sure this book can be saved even with that revelation. Only time will tell.

Detective Comics #846 (DC)

Aha! It can be done! I am, of course, referring to the fact that a R.I.P. story could be told coherently. Thanks Paul Dini, you rock! Also, thanks to having never read the first Hush stories (and not managing to squeeze in the time while I was in MD) I appreciated the Hush background story.

Demo TP (Vertigo)

This was my first time reading this material and I throughly enjoyed it. As much as they were all stand alone stories (nothing wrong with that, I just thought they might eventually tie in) the art was beautiful and each story explored different situations. Very good reading material.

Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer

I'm officially hooked. The fourth book in this series, Breaking Dawn, is coming out on August second and I already signed up for the midnight release. On a side note, the movie trailer for the first story, Twilight, leaves much to be desired. The actors didn't seem right for the parts and their chemistry (for two people obsessively in love) fell flat. It was only a small trailer though so I guess I'll have to be patient and see more before making any real decisions on whether or not to see it.

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  1. Just caught Hellboy 2 myself last night. Knowing that I'm going to catch Dark Knight next week I didn't want to try and jam both movies in. I liked this one a lot more than I liked the first one as well. The original movie felt a little too formulaic for my tastes I guess. Not to say that the sequel didn't have a formula it followed, but It wasn't so noticeable as to pull my attention from the screen. I think the "villains" in this one were a bit more interesting, though almost too easy to sympatise with.