Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So recently we added a logo to our blog site and the reason we did that is because Catastrophic Comics offered us an ad in issue #2 of Sparks and Gwen pulled together a nice design in record time. I wanted to wait until the book hit the stands. It is a half page spot on the inside back cover and looks like this except sized a little differently and the coloring is different. Gwen explained it to me, but just say it is different looking in the book.

Two big thanks to Gwen for her work in designing and to Bill and Chris from Catastrophic Comics for running it.


  1. The color is different because when you send something off to be printed it needs to be in CMYK mode as opposed to RGB which is used for web publishing. That's all I know =P

  2. It's funny you should mention the logo. It always reminds me of the UN's symbol, which is rather amusing to me, knowing Jim as I do.

  3. That is so awesome!!! I guess Lee changed or used only part of his name for security reasons? Probably a good idea since he wouldn't want anyone to find his family or him after one of his rants.