Saturday, July 12, 2008

Supporting Artists in Need

As I was working my way through the indies in previews I noticed the following book and felt it was worth a special mention.

Aardwolf Publishing
Meth, Colan & Other Theologians SC
SRP: 14.99 OR $22.99
By Clifford Meth & Gene Colan
From the possessed mind of author Clifford Meth (IDW's Snaked) and legendary artist Gene Colan (Daredevil, Tomb of Dracula) comes the reprise to the team's arresting dark-fiction collection Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians (a Barnes and Noble 'Horror Pick of the Week'). This new volume contains everything that was in the first collection plus two new stories co-written by Meth and Colan. Introductions and afterwords by Mark Evanier, Marv Wolfman, Gail Simone, and the late Steve Gerber. Proceeds from this book will help the ailing comics legend Colan and his family. Available in Regular and Signed softcover editions.
Pages: 110, 6x9, B&W.
Item Number: JUL083594

In case you weren’t aware Gene is suffering from Liver problems and needs all the help and support that he can get. Because of the nature of the comic book business, many of the people who created our hobby aren't the richest. When Gene started in the 50’s there weren’t movie deals, and creators rights, and all the other things that today’s creators enjoy. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine he labored in this industry not for money but because he really, truly loved what he was doing. If I can repay him just a little bit for the countless hours of enjoyment that he provided me by buying this book then I gladly will.

All proceeds go to the Colans and you can buy the same book for $23 just to send a little bit of extra support.

Out of all the books that deserve your support this is one of the most deserving. So instead of getting Supergirl this month, buy this instead!

Visit Cliff here to see what you can do to help Gene.

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