Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Kill Giants #1 - A Spotlight Review

I Kill Giants #1 (OF 7) – Image Comics
Writer Joe Kelly
Art JM Ken Miimura

What a wonderful first part to a new mini-series.

The art has a Calvin and Hobbes vibe to is, with wonderful expressions and body language used throughout the story. JM did a great job with this book. You fall in love with Barbara because of JM and Joe.

The story is about a fifth grade little girl who lives in her own world and is apparently a dungeon master in a role playing game. I assume that is how she kills giants. She is a sarcastic wit, who is getting in trouble at school all the time and apparently is being raised by her big sister, who tries who best with Barbara.

Her encounter with the principal was funny as hell and the book was just a joy to read. The icing on the cake is a little one page strip showing how Joe and JM put this book together, it was priceless.

You both feel bad for Barbara’s plight and at the same time laugh with her and understand why she might take to flights of fantasy at the drop of a hat. If you miss I Kill Giants, then you are missing out on a great new series. Frost Giants beware Barbara is here.

Grade A

I know I'm suppossed to be off and you will read the same words on Tuesday, but when a new book is so good I have to share. Maybe this can be spotlight reviews. New tag line.

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