Thursday, April 01, 2010

DC Announces Major Diversity Program

DC has announced that in an effort to provide true diversification to their line up of heroes that changes will be made to their three main iconic characters.

Superman will be gay. The plan is that with the return of Krypton Superman realizes that he has been playing into the American ideal and that his long suppressed feelings have emerged as he discovers his true heritage.

Batman will be black. The plan is that as Bruce Wayne comes back through time he discovers that his family owned slaves and that Bruce is actually bi-racial. This discovery triggers a change in his skin pigmentation and Bruce is now black.

Wonder Woman will be a transgendered hero. A radical rewriting of her origin will reveal that she was never made out of clay, but was actually a baby boy that somehow washed up on the island. As only females were allowed Queen Hippolyta asked the gods to change the child and give the child her/his powers also. She then created the made of clay story to cover what she had done.

These changes are to be introduced slowly over the next year or so as to allow the changes to feel like an evolution of the character as opposed to just changing the character to bow to some changes being mandated internally.

Finally there are rumors that if the changes create too much controversy and sales drop off the changes will be explained as being a different world in the multi-verse and essentially nullifying any impact to the “real” continuity.

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