Friday, April 02, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Air #19 (Vertigo)

I'm glad to see the plot line moving forward in a newer direction. It was nice to see Blythe and Zane come to an understanding and I'm interested to see how Blythe's sidekicks develop into hyperprax pilots. Still, in some ways I feel that I read this story more for the Blythe and Zayn relationship than anything else so the creators will have to work harder to generate as much interest (in my case) with Zayn not only on the sidelines but also standing by as essentially a background character. I'd really like to see Zayn and Blythe go on their own adventure at some point. The art in this book is consistently well done which is a big plus.

Uncanny X-Men #522 (Marvel)

I agree with Jim - this was terrible. I mean, it was just a blatant tease. The whole book was a buildup to getting Kitty Pryde back, and then she's not really back. UGH. I honestly don't even care about the overpowered Magneto BS, I could have ignored that completely if the whole book wasn't just a waste of space. Also, does Killy not need to eat or drink in a space bullet? Why is she still alive? I think I'd have been happy to have never had Kitty go away like that in a space bullet in the first place. Also, I have an overwhelming urge to giggle every time the characters say "space bullet" and it's supposed to be scary. Space bullet... c'mon people.

The Rise of Arsenal #1 (DC)

I'm thinking Roy isn't going to be too heartbroken about Ollie killing Prometheus. Honestly he'd probably do it himself given half the chance. Instead he's apparently got to fight his dead druggie buddy in order to avoid relapse. Lame. Ollie's cold blooded killer angle is more interesting so far. Also, I'm still annoyed they killed Lian. I really liked her and Cheshire being tied to Roy's character. Roy is much better off as Arsenal though.

Green Lantern #52 (DC)

Sinestro being split in half for most of this issue was awesome. All the emotional spectrum space aliens at the end was a little hokey - but I'm letting that slide as this whole event has been super cool. I'm still unsure how the entire planet on Xanshi turned into a Black Lantern. Unless Xanshi is now like Mogo, because otherwise all sorts of planets should be Lanterns. I assume the whole thing was just to make John Stewart feel even worse about the whole Xanshi thing. Poor guy.

Silver Bourne by Patricia Briggs

Yay! I was so happy to get another Mercedes Thompson book. Patricia Briggs is just amazing with how much she allows her characters to grow and change. I mean, Mercy may even get married in another book or two. In the first book Mercy didn't even have a definitive love interest. I'm so glad to read a book where I feel the story is actually going somewhere as opposed to books like the Dead books (Charlaine Harris) where the plot has de-evolved into barely any time passing in the course of one book. I mean really, let poor Sookie get somewhere besides more beaten up and heartbroken! Rant aside, I love the Mercedes Thompson books and was really happy to read the newest edition!

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