Monday, April 19, 2010

What I’m Getting Wednesday April 21

This is the type of week that makes me seriously question my sanity. I hate when a ton of stuff hits the same week and my bill becomes this outrageous expense. It makes me realize I have to slow down on the hard cover collections as I have enough at this point and need the chance to read more of what I own. This leads me to thinking hard about doing a purge of my comic list. Of course I enjoy comics a lot so a purge of my list is mandatory at times. I will add one other thing the pricing of trades has made it easy to buy the monthly books again. It used to be the trade was the better bargain, but lately the collected trade is more expensive the buying the mini-series as single issues.

The hard covers caught up with me this week. I’m getting Absolute Green Lantern Rebirth, Invincible Volume 5, Bloom County Volume 2 and Crossed Volume 1. Also throw in the Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 5 is coming out along with Showcase Presents Dial H for Hero and you can see that even without getting a single comic this week is a massive week for me. It is my own fault because I can certainly pick up these books after they come out and often I’m enamored of something after reading it and order the hard cover and it just sits on my shelf for a year of more before I ever re-read it. I should just wait and buy it down the road, often for a greatly reduced price. At least the next Marvel Masterwork doesn’t come out until next week. Of all of these the guilty pleasure is the cheapest as Dial H for Hero is only $10 – sockamagee!

Vertigo has a strong week with American Vampire #2, Hellblazer #266 and Joe the Barbarian #4 (of 8). American Vampire #1 was a very strong book, so I’m sure #2 will be just as good. I still love super hero books, but I have to say that if I ever really purge my list Vertigo would still survive with a lot of series. The other non DCU book from DC is DV8 Gods and Monsters #1 (of 8). I’m pretty well done with Wildstorm Universe the only reason I’m trying this out is Brian Woods is the writer, but I’m almost ready to drop this book before I read it. Suffice to say it will need to be better then okay to survive.

The rest of DC is Batman Streets of Gotham #11, Blackest Night Director’s Cut, Brave and Bold #33, Green Lantern #53, Justice League of America #44, Power Girl #11, Rebels #15, Spirit #1, Supergirl #52 and Superman/Batman #71. Power Girl is the saddest of these books as this is the penultimate issue of this creative team. I understand teams can’t stay together forever, but one year was not enough. JLA continues to be a disappointment and I have to really consider canning the book as it just seems to never be able to get an actual direction or team. I can’t ever remember another series be screwed up by editorial mandates for as long as this book has been. Just tell some darn stories and get on with it please!!!

The other category brings me Devil #3 (of 4), Crossed Family Values #1 (of 6), Farscape #6, Battlefields #5 (of 9) Firefly #2 (of 3) and Gravel #18. I’m very curious about Crossed Family Values as following up on a post apocalyptic story like Crossed is unusual. Continual tales of this hopeless vision of the future I can’t see succeeding unless you explore what happened to create this world or show the world rebuilding, endless debauchery and violence is not something I will follow.

Marvel’s list of books is Avengers vs Atlas #4 (of 4), Guardians of the Galaxy #25, Hercules Fall of an Avenger #2 (of 2), Nova #36, Ultimate Comics Avengers #6, X-Factor #204 and X-Men Legacy #235 the fourth chapter of Second Coming. The Atlas and GOTG books are very good, the Hercules issue is one too many for a tribute thing, Nova is faltering and coming back to Earth as Secret Avenger is a bad thing, Ultimate Avengers I’m done with unless I get the trades, X-Factor is iffy and Second Coming has been very good so far and is fast making me a fan of the Xverse again.

I told you it was a killer list. Even worse the next series of Blackest Night Series 4 Action Figures are out this week and once again I’m getting all four of them. I’m broke just thinking about this list.

I’m thinking of abandoning this post soon and putting it on hiatus as I decide whether the post is worth the effort or not. I’m still mulling this over.


  1. Please DO NOT ABANDON the post.
    I always read this post. This allows me to look and see if there is anything that I may have missed. Although your posts are typically DC heavy, I have also gravitated towards the indies. So this post is one I look forward to the most.

  2. But who are you anonymous? At this point I want to figure out a new format more then drop it.

  3. I use this post to see what I'm getting :) But a new format may help keep it more interesting for you to write.