Saturday, April 28, 2012

Assemble Avengers!

Okay, it's a very busy weekend for me with my older brother's wedding today (I get to be best man!) and a 90th birthday party for my wife's Aunt tomorrow (both events out of state).  So, I'm going lite today with some FUN photos of some of my Avengers toys.
Three of my original MEGOs from childhood.  It's amazing the Hulk is still intact after throwing him around so many times.

 As Lee likes to remind everyone, there's more after the jump.

Now this is a real team consisting of Toy Biz Marvel Famous Covers 8-inch figures, which were designed to be MEGO-esque.  The Captain America actually came from a later 8-inch Hasbro Marvel Legends line, which was really excellent.

6-inch Marvel Legends:  The Cap and Iron Man were some of the first figures.

Marvel Super Hero Squad:  I could've sworn I had many more of these, but I think I sold/traded some of them.

And now the latest edition -- LEGOS!!!

The Quinjet was really fun to put together and is the best of the new sets.

You can recreate the opening scene from Iron Man 2 in the rear.  Cue the "Shoot to Thrill" AC/DC music!

I think the Hulk is a tad too large, but they're making an exclusive regular sized mini-figure available on May 16th in Lego stores and on-line with a $50 purchase.  I'll be stopping by on the way home that day to get one.

The gang's all here and ready for opening day.  I'm taking off to see the movie.  Are you?

 Now, if you all want to participate -- Why don't you comment and tell me your favorite Avengers run (give issue numbers) and why.

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