Sunday, April 01, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday

This Sunday, instead of digging into the past, we shall travel overseas and see the best of what the Brits have to offer.  It's 2000AD people, what's not to like.

Even the Brits love giant monkeys!  But their's are robotic which may make them a wee bit cooler.  We'd have to ask the resident monkey expert, Jim, for an opinion to know which is better.

And, to prove that bizarre and stupid covers aren't limited only to American soil, I present this diddy.  What the heck is going on here? I think it's the 3 Stooges on top of a T-Rex head.  Actual, it's about the same as Dr. Doom with an adamatium chainsaw. 

Kevin O'neil.  Need I say more?  He is still one of the best monster makers in the industry and this proves it.  Fantastic.

And in terms of sheer talent, it's hard to overlook Brendan McCarthy.  Tharg in the center (yes I know who he is) surrounded by faces.  That's alot of faces and a ton of detail for a single cover.  Great stuff.

Finally, well... I don't know.  The obligatory fart cover?  It certainly makes you want to see what is going on inside the book that's for sure.

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. I think April Fool's Day snuck up on us this year...