Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recent Reads Returns… … …RETURNS!!!

[Clears throat]  Sorry, I must have been channeling my inner Moopet when I selected this week’s title. [Shuffles imaginary papers] Well, here we are again with another installment of Recent Reads.  This normally highly sporadic “short post” (yeah, right) was last seen only two weeks ago.  I think that’s a record folks.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a regular feature or it may be just an indication that I’ve been reading a lot of comics, but no single book has been compelling me to spotlight it with a longer review.  That doesn’t mean the books have been duds.  Actually, most of them have been pretty good.

Here’s an abridged list of the last two weeks in no particular order:

Amazing Spider-Man # 684 (Ends of the Earth Part Three)

This issue was a big improvement over the last one, since I wasn’t distracted by the global warming celebrities.   The Sinister Six led by the dying Doc Ock have totally taken down the Avengers faster than a pasty faced Johnny Depp (What can I say, the Dark Shadows trailer looks groovy).  Luckily for Spidey, Silver Sable is on hand (with her invisible plane) to create a diversion that frees him from Otto’s clutches.  Unfortunately, right before the bad doctor was going to reveal his true motives for saving the world.  She only rescued Black Widow (who looks way too young nowadays) too, since she was “closest”.    Doctor Octopus finally reveals his ransom demands (or is that reward) for his altruistic endeavor: the criminal records of his cohorts expunged and two billion for each of them in addition to the construction of an academy in his honor. 

The bulk of the story deals with the threesome (with a little help from Horizon) trying to disable one of Ock’s factories and their battle with the Sandman.  It was really cool.  Spidey had a theory that Marko’s consciousness resided in a single grain of sand and if he captured that then goodbye Sandy.  For such a long standing character, I was amazed that Slott came up with such a new way of explaining how his powers worked that made so much sense.  I also loved the way they controlled Sandman by tricking him into changing into different shapes.  There isn’t much time for kudos, because Ock has just made Spidey Global Enemy Number One.
The Omega Effect Parts One and Two: Avenging Spider-Man #6 (ATMC1I4IK8GP) and Punisher #10

Wow, what a great cross-over!  Not only did it get me to purchase both of these books that aren’t on my pull list, but they were both excellent too.  I actually prefer to think of them as Daredevil #10.2 and #10.3, because they seamlessly tie into DD’s story of trying to dispose of the Omega Drive, which has all the “goods” on all the evil organizations in the MU conveniently stored on one of the FF’s old “4” emblems.  I think it’s hilarious the way Daredevil looks wearing that thing around his neck like an OG medallion. (And a no-prize if you can identify that obscure pop culture reference – I’m not as generous as Jim is – but you can have your very own comment published on this site.  Think of the glory!)  It was also wonderful that Marco Checchetto illustrated both chapters.  The only question I have is, “What exactly happened to Daredevil at the end?”  Was Cole responsible?  I couldn’t tell.  Less than a week for part three – This IS the way to run a railroad!
Supergirl #8

This was a stellar issue with fill-in art by George Perez that picked up one-minute (or less) after last issue with the same full-page splash scene composition.  I loved the new character Siobhan and the fact that she had a way of communicating with Kara.  The New York scenes were awesome, especially since I just saw the Flatiron Building for the first time in person last week.  The detail in Siobhan’s apartment was wonderful (reminds me of people I know).  There’s a neat scene where Kara impersonates Mr. Scott from Voyage Home and the internal narration was great when she complained that her borrowed clothes would “never learn how to fit [her]”.  I liked the designs of both Banshees too.  It actually reminded me a little bit of a Doctor Who episode with every day” getting to know you moments” and then something freaky happens (the clubbers with their elongating faces). My favorite series of the DCnU and my best book of the week!  The only problem was the SPOILER on the front cover.
I’ve got more to discuss, but I’ve just been invited to push my little-Mann on the swing outside.  So, if I have time I’ll continue later.  I will say that I succumbed to purchasing the first three issues of the Avengers Vs. X-Men biweekly series (#0, 1 & 2) – haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

“I’m BAAAAAACK!” [Clears throat]  Dang, Moopet influence…
Avengers #25

Speaking of Avengers, I picked up the latest issue for one reason and one reason only…Walt Simonson!!!  And he did NOT disappoint.  Boy, I would love to see him illustrate a series full time again.  Liked the way Scott Hanna inked him (very crisp) and the colors by Jason Keith were marvelous.  The two-page spread with Thor arriving was awesome and just what I was hoping to see.  Considering how I’ve managed to avoid almost the entirety of Bendis’ Avengers for years, it was really entertaining.  The only blemish was the way Spider-Woman was portrayed.  Apparently she and Hawkeye can’t keep their hands off each other in public and I thought her comment about the “super-tech fancy guns” was dumb.  Not really much of an AvX tie-in as a prequel of sorts, but I’m on-board for the next issue.
Finally, three quick shout-outs for Bionic Man #8, Planet of the Apes #13, and Scarlet Spider #4, they all continue to be exceptional.

Now, I can go and enjoy my weekend!  Hope you enjoy yours.

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