Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday in NYC

Just got back from NYC for an art field trip with my oldest daughter.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any of the Doctor Who filming that was going on around town (we tried), but we still had fun.  Here are some comic related pics.  Whew, three minutes to spare before post time and time for bed.  Enjoy!

Times Square Toys R Us

Spidey inside the MOMA

One Killer Joker Painting at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

Original Page from the Archie Marries issues

Another Original Page from Archie Marries

Cool Batman picture

The inspiration for casting Jack Nicolson as the Joker

Empire Comics right across the street from the Empire State Building

Always impressive

Washington Square Park (a familiar Spidey hangout)
The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art was very, very small.  We walked like 35 plus blocks to see it.  Good if you're already in the area.  Still we saw a lot of cool stuff and and had a delicious Crumbs cupcake.

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