Sunday, April 15, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday

Another Sunday and more cool covers to look at.  I am always amazed how much Golden Age books changed over a very short amount of time.  Take for example, All Top Comics #1.  It's a wonderful funny animal book.


And then by issue 8, it was a jungle girl comic.  And, it's obvious from the cover that she is an evil jungle queen.  Someone should tell her that it's wrong to manipulate men and make then dance like little marionettes.

And, now it's still a jungle comic with hints of horror in it.  Can someone tell me why the pygmy in the back has a white person mask on?

And over at All Great Comics #13, we have a classic damsel in distress cover by none other than Jack Kamen of EC fame.  Very cool indeed.  This is from Dec '47.

Finally we have All Great Comics 14 in which a woman finally takes charge and pounds the snot out of some helpless fool.  This is from from Oct '47 which just happens to be 3 months before issue #14.  And you thought modern publishing numbering was bad!

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.

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