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Really Recent Reads (2012 Spring Break Edition)

It’s Spring Break and it’s time to head to the sunny Florida beaches with my brood of six children and stay at Jim’s house!  Just kidding…  We are traveling this weekend, going down to Richmond to celebrate Easter with my mother and do some fun stuff around my hometown.  So, I don’t have much time to cobble together a post; therefore, I’ll try to keep it short and sour…I mean “sweet”, which leads us to another installment of Recent Reads.
One of the difficulties of catching up on your reading (as Jim has been doing) is generating a huge backlog of stuff to blog about.  I’ve just finished the Captain Britain Omnibus (very good) and while I hope to spotlight it someday in the future, I don’t have the time right now to do it justice.  The real problem develops the more time that passes between when you finish a book and get around to discussing it.  Enthusiasm wanes, details get fuzzy, etc.  If you read something, but don’t blog about it, was is really worth it?  We’ll leave that question for the philosophers.

Anyway, Wednesday was my first day off for the break and I was at the store right at 1100, having just downed a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, with a generous helping of books I really enjoy in my box.  I even had time to read all of them that afternoon.  Unfortunately, I had problems with most of them.  (Maybe it was my strange melancholy mood and innate fatigue.)

O.M.A.C #8

What a disappointing ending!  Kevin Kho and his “everyman” plight faced with the over-the-top, monster action clashes was what really appealed to me in this series.  But Kevin doesn’t even appear in this issue, at least in human form.  No, we get him narrating over the action, where he fills us in with issues worth of back story to set us up for the finale with Brother Eye giving him control of O.M.A.C, but without the ability to switch back.  After he just told us how much his girlfriend meant to him, he refuses her help and walks off alone.  I did like how Brother Eye got defeated by Max Lord with the continuity-based asteroid prison and it’s good to see that O.M.A.C is still around in the DCnU, but do we really need a Hulk with Bruce Banner’s brain?  I wish this series had continued for another eight months or more.   It was a thrilling ride, but the ending left me a bit nauseous.
Secret Avengers #24

First, the recent covers by Arthur Adams have been great.  Second, now that I’m well-versed in the lore of Captain Britain, I’m interested in seeing him in action again.  Third, last issue’s heroic death of Ant-Man was really good.  Fourth, while I abandoned the Venom series, I hope to see what I wasn’t getting there, here with some better focus on Flash Thompson.  Fifth, I really enjoy Gabriel Hardman’s art (more so than his POTA work for BOOM!).  Sixth, I…I fell asleep while reading the issue.  Hey, I was beat.  I guess I need to read it again.

Amazing Spider-Man #683

GET. YOUR. POLITICS. OUT. OF. MY. COMICS!!!  Seriously, the global warming garbage is ruining the whole story for me.  Plus, we even get an appearance of both President Obama AND Al Gore (and Steven Hawking).  I loved it when Spidey socked Gore in the jaw (that one’s for Tipper), but it turns out it was just the Chameleon.  What really burned me was that Spidey was so upset over Gore getting locked in a closet.  If you can get past all that credibility stretching junk, the actual story of Spidey leading the Avengers trying to outthink Ock and the way Otto masterfully out maneuvered him – that was all cool.  If I hadn’t spent the past year plus investing my time back into this series, I would seriously opt out of this mess.  The sad thing is that the political aspect isn’t really germane to the overall story…
Action #8

Finally, some improvement.  Despite the numerous artists it took to finish this chapter – never a good thing, especially if there are vastly different styles – I liked this book over all.  There’s really too much to go over in detail, but I’ll quickly mention a few things.  Looks like his landlady could be Mr. Mxyzptlk.  The connection between Clark and deep-throat Lex is interesting.  I thought it was funny how the collector was like a real collector, wanting everything in Mint condition.  Didn’t really like his look, reminded me of the horrendous changes to the Robot in the bad Lost in Space film.  It was neat how Superman is using the collector’s ship as his fortress (for now I guess).  I also thought it was cool how Brainiac was created from his rocket.  Looks like Grant has a ton of cool ideas for this series.  However, what really bugged me (following the ASM read) was the image of President Superman.  What on earth are people going to do if America elects someone else in a few months?!  I bet the President will retreat back to the shadows and just be a generic figure.
Swamp Thing #8

I think I can last until the first story is over (if it ever is), but man it’s tough to read this book.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s very compelling, but the gruesomeness is harsh.  I find that I have to read it sort of with one eye closed, subconsciously not looking too closely at the images.  Oh, and after seven months of waiting, we finally get to see the new Swamp Thing and he looks…VERY different.  Hopefully, I’ll get used to it.  How can you defeat something that’s already dead?

Daredevil #10.1

I guess I ended up saving the best for last.  Still, with all the buzz on this book, did we really need a point-one issue?  Some of the “this is how my powers work” narration was a little tired – I mean we’ve heard this a million times already.  I know, I know that’s the whole point of the “point”, but I think it distracted from the flow of the story a bit.  Regardless, DD is awesome and I loved how he took out one of the groups gunning for him.

That’s it folks!  Have a great Easter Sunday tomorrow.  “And life is worth the living just because He Lives!”

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