Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Warrior Magazine

Since I talked about Alan Moore's Miracleman on Friday I thought why not look at the covers to the series that started it all.  One of the all time great British series, this is worth finding in the back issue bins.  If you can that is.

Warrior #1, March 1982
Pencils: Steve Dillon
Inks: Steve Dillon
Can you believe this had the first appearance of V for Vendetta and Miracleman and the cover is... Axel Pressbutton????   And having read Axel, I can say the cover is way cooler than the story itself.

Warrior #3, July 1982
Pencils: Paul Neary
Inks: Paul Neary
And by issue #3 you can see that nothing has changed.  Miracleman, V, and... some weird dude falling off a cover?  I have no clue but it looks cool.  And, if you notice in the lower right, a rare appearance of Zirk.  I've read a couple of his adventures.  Great risque fun.

Warrior #5, September 1982
What can you say, it's just very cool.
Warrior #8, December 1982
Pencils: David Jackson
Inks: David Jackson
On the cover, Father Shandor - servant of God or Devil's Disciple.  Once again I have no clue... but it looks super, super cool.

Warrior #11, July 1983
Pencils: David Lloyd
Inks: David Lloyd
V for Vendetta finally makes the cover and it's great.  I was trying to decide if this was one of the most iconic V images or not.  I think it is.

Warrior #12, August 1983
Pencils: Steve Parkhouse
Inks: Steve Parkhouse
Finally, a personal favorite of mine, Alan Moore's Bojeffries Saga.  It's Alan Moore's version of the Adam's Family and here's a shock... it's great.  It's been reprinted a couple of times so with some work you should be able to find the reprints.  It's worth looking into.

It's amazing how much iconic material came from this one little series.  It was great stuff and the covers are still good to this day.  Now go watch some football.  No need to boo the Steelers this week, they already performed spectacularly last Thursday.

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  1. No doubt the cover of #11 looks great but it's just the same as the side image used in #8.