Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What I’m Getting October 3

So my time to prepare this post is short as I do both post on the week-end and with over 30 new books and going to the Bucs game Sunday (actually going to see the Redskins and taking my daughter Jamie who is a Redskins fan) leaves little time to do these post justice. As always if you want to see the whole list click on October 3 New Comics.

We have to start with the Marvel stuff as the elephant on the list is Avengers vs X-Men #12 (of 12). I have been less than impressed with the story, but the art for the most part has been very good. One thing it has done right is allow Marvel to have a fresh starting point with a lot of books and Marvel is using it to do a long overdue creator shake up. I’m actually looking forward to trying out almost all the Marvel Now stuff. Also from Marvel is AvX #6 (of 6), which has been a great mindless fight book that speaks to the 12 year old boy in me. Rounding it out for Marvel is Amazing Spider-Man #695, Uncanny X-Force #32 and Age of Apocalypse #8. Wow, I just looked over that listing and four of the books are still X-related and I hardly get any x-stuff.

The other stuff published by Marvel and DC not universe related for this week is Criminal Deluxe Edition HC Volume 2, Fariest #8, Sweet Tooth #38 and Before Watchmen Rorschach #2 (of 4). Criminal contains the “Archie” comic criminal arc, which was the best arc of the entire series. I have a feeling that with the success of Fatale, that this maybe the last of the Criminal material. I’m looking for to the Rorschach book as Azzarello’s books have been good. Heck even the weakest books of the BW stuff have been decent and at this point. I would say that JMS’ books are the weakest of the group and they have been entertaining and well done. I’m almost sad to see Sweet Tooth coming out as 40 is the last issue. I like stories having endings, but still hate to say goodbye to good stories.

The DCU stuff is Actions Comics #13, Animal #13, Detective Comics #13, Dial H #5, Earth 2 #5, Green Lantern #13, I Vampire Trade, Swamp Thing #13 and World’s Finest #5. That is probably more then I would like to be getting. Of course the I, Vampire trade I could have passed on, but I love the series so much I wanted the trade. Detective Comics is back on the list since John (Chew, Mars Attacks) Layman is the writer. I can’t wait to see how he tackles such a high profile book and a more standard super hero type format. Animal Man and Swamp Thing are finally getting into the story line they have been treading water for a year to get to which is a good thing. Heck I’m even jazzed about Green Lantern to see how Simon Baz adjusts to his new found powers.

Image dominates the rest of my list with Danger Club #4, Fatale #8, Guarding the Globe #2, Harvest #3 (of 5), Non-Humans #1 (of 4) and Thief of Thieves #9. Rounding out the final category is Boom’s Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #2. It is nice to see how many books under the independent banner are quality books and how on time they are being published. Often with some independent books it would go months and months between issues killing any momentum the book had, but almost all of these series have been right as rain. It is funny, but I’m really looking forward to the Planet of the Apes book. The moon has been shattered and is raining destruction on Earth. My gripe with the series is it is set before Taylor arrives. I think there is no reason to say this is the same time line as the movies. Instead call is an alternative time line and that way it leaves it open to more of anything can happen. Still the first issue was very enjoyable and has me anticipating the next issue.

Come back next Tuesday and let’s do this again. 

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