Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Week of October 24 in Review Part 3 Of 3 – Everything Else

As I said the week dictates how this breakdown and I’m going to cover the rest of the books in a sentence or two. Also no creator credits. I have noticed that the first week I did five parts, last week four parts and this week is only three parts, so I sense a pattern forming.

The week itself gets a C +, the weight of a lot of okay books level out all of the great stuff.

Catwoman #13 – This was a blatant rip off as they called it a Prelude to “Death of the Family” and added a die cut cover. I’m sure sales were jacked way up and it would have been nice if it was a strong issue of the book, but it wasn’t and it had nothing to do with the “Death of the Family”. I know it is from last week, but  I got it a week late.

National Comics Madam X was a cool one shot, but of course will go nowhere as this is iteration on the Madame Xanadu character and DC is using her in Justice League Dark. Even though they changed her name slightly it is the same character just re-imagined. The National Comics concept is good, but will go nowhere because one shots are not what most fans care about and DC needs to roll the dice and launch the concepts as mini-series.

Flash #13 is one of the books I have given a second chance. The art being shot from the pencils takes a while to get used to and the story itself is okay. I’m not turned off by the book, I’m just not excited by it either. I don’t understand why DC had this need to go to Barry Allen as the Flash.

Batman the Dark Knight #13 is another book being given a second chance. In one issue Greg Hurwitz has written a more coherent story than anyone else has in this book. Finch’s artwork has a good super hero dynamic that is appealing on many levels. 

Justice League Dark #13 was a solid issue. Lemire has crafted a stronger story line and I enjoyed the back story from issue #0. This is one of DC’s new books that I have enjoyed consistently. It seems to me that most of the DC material I enjoy is either Batman or books that had no real connection to what came before.

All Star Western #13 is another DC entry which I have had no complaints about. Not only do we get continuous Jonah Hex stories but they add new takes on a lot of the old western characters too. This issue we have a total revamp on Tomahawk and it is very cool.

Talon #1 – A nice extension of the Batman line up. It has set its own premise and given themselves two years worth of stories at least. In the long term we will need to have more to it then tracking down 16 other Talons.

Revival #4 – An interesting twist on the undead idea, I’m enjoying it, but not sold on it yet.

Debris #4 (of 4) – An okay little mini-series, not sure it would have been worth it except for Rossmo’s art.

Avengers #32 – Bendis wrapping up his story lines and bringing the Wasp back from the dead. Not a big event since no one cared she died and in comics we all know no one stays dead forever. Bendis has often missed on his dialogue and this issue was horrendous in certain parts.

Amazing Spider-Man #696 – Oddly this book is entertaining. Camuncoli’s art is very appealing to me. Peter Parker as Spider-Man’s weapons maker just makes me laugh.

AvsX Consequences #3 (of 5) – This series is helping to reset the new status quo, standard fare and very talky. Fortunately I got my books by mail so the sucker stamp (for buying this book) on my forehead is not seen.

Incredible Hulk #15 – Last issue of this series, Jason Aaron swings and misses with this book. I think if I ever re-read it I will think of it as a comedy.

Wolverine Max #1 – So you have a max book and you can do anything you want with the character and issue #1 was rather tame. Maybe it just needs another issue to get its legs under it (intentional pun for those who read the book).

Secret Avengers #33 – This book feels very, very rushed to get to the end of the story. I wish that Remender had more time to do the story right and a different artist as Kuhn’s style felt wrong.

Come back next week for 2 or more parts of another week in review. 

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  1. I picked up the National Comics one shot for Rose & Thorn. I like the one and done for the use of introducing many different DC characters that can't support there own book or mini and aren't being used anywhere. I looked on the book in that respect and as a part of re-introducing the different beings of the DCnU.