Monday, October 15, 2012

The Week of October 10 in Review Part 3 of 5 - Three Books You Are Missing

I’m betting that most people have not latched onto these books and all three are worth reading.

First up is The Tower Chronicles #1 by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley from Legendary Comics. The new company is a spinoff of Legendary Pictures and the idea is to make some great comics and I’m sure they hope that a few of them develop into movies and make everyone rich. Hey if you tell a good story and have good art, why the book was created is interesting but I’m more concerned with getting the bang for the buck with my entertainment.

This was not from this week, but I read it this week so it is in the review.

It is by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley, it can’t be anything less than at least good. It was a very entertaining book. It has plenty of action, an interesting concept and some fantastic art. Now I admit Bisley can often be over the top and he is highly stylized, but this is some of his best work. Simon’s portrayal of the monsters and things that go bump in the night that Tower chases was awesome. John Tower is mercenary that costs a lot of money to hire and he hunts down the supernatural. This issue he teams with a hot FBI agent and we also get a peek into the back story that looms dangerously for John Tower. The eight dollar entry cost will cause many a comic fan to hesitate, but the package and page count make this a book you should try out. Matt Wagner is an excellent writer and Simon Bisley made the series come to life. The heavy prestige like format makes the book more like a trade then a comic. The actual comic is over 60 pages long which allows for a couple of stories to be told and gives us a lot of background and setting up for the series as it continues.

Next up is Point of Impact #1 (of 4) by Jay Faeber and Koray Kuranel. The book starts with a woman’s body falling on a car of a young couple about to kiss. She is dead and the story expands from there. Jay layers in three main characters and a few ancillary characters. Fabeber slowly unfolds what looks maybe to be a suicide into a murder. He then adds levels of mystery and intrigue into the murder and mixes it all with some personal relationship problems. It is a lot of story in a regular size issue, but Jay makes it read very smoothly and it is a story that grabs you right from the start. I also like that I know it is a four issue series that should tell a complete story. The art by Koray Kuranel is at times brilliant and at times is an artist trying too hard to be David Mazzucchelli from his run on Daredevil with Frank Miller. Unless I’m wrong Koray is still young as he has a lot of things to work out with his art, but he appears to have the potential to become one of the hottest artists around. My guess is that as the series progresses the art will get better and Marvel and or DC may already be calling.

Finally is Think Tank #3 by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal. This book maybe on the radar, but should be on everyone’s radar. It is fast paced, fun, intellectually stimulating and Hawkins gives us references for all the cool science things he throws in the book. The book could use a nice little what happened before and needs to emphasize the main characters name more often as I have to look through the book to find out he is Dr. Loren. Ekedel art is amateurish in spots and he still has a lot to learn, but he conveys a good story and the characters are unique. So many weak artists make all the characters indistinguishable and any hope of a book being good is dashed, Ekedal does not have that problem. His art is a work in progress. In the end the book is well written, highly entertaining, throws in some cool science and Dr. Loren is a smart ass to the nth degree, which keeps humor in the script.

Part 4 coming soon.

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