Sunday, October 07, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Wonder Woman 1960-62

This week I wanted to look at what could be called "lost covers."  Whenever someone talks about goofy silverage antics, people always think of Superman and Batman.  But the big two weren't the only ones with incredibly silly covers.  Wonder Woman had her fair share so this week I want to spotlight some of the best from the beginning of the silverage.

All covers were Pencils: Ross Andru, Inks: Mike Esposito.  That alone is worth mentioning.  Can you imagine having the same artist doing covers to Avengers for one entire year?  These days I can't.  Oh well.

Wonder Woman 118, November 1960

This is the epitomy of early silverage Wonder Woman for me.  Wonder Woman faced with the impossible decision of who to save.  The love of her life, Steve Trevor, or the other love of her life, Mer-Boy. 

Mer-Boy????  Ok, that's new even to me but that's a heck of a love triangle.

Wonder Woman 122, May 1961
And, let's not forget that Superman and Batman never quite cornered the market on silly covers.  In this example we have King-Kong WW chasing after Fay-Wray Wonder Girl.  Really, what isn't to love here? 

Wonder Woman 124, August 1961
And, making a rare cover appearance we have Wonder Tot!  That's right, that little girl upside down on WWs head... Wonder Tot.  Imagine the team up... Wonder Tot, Super Baby, and Bat-mite.

Although, Bat-mite is more Mxyzptlk.  Was there ever a Bat-Baby?

Wonder Woman 125,  October 1961
And just when it couldn't get any stranger, we've gone from love triangle to love square?  And who is the new person competing for WW's love and affection?  Why it's none other than Amoeba Man!

Wonder Woman 126,  November 1961
Honestly, I thought this cover was pretty lame.  Even with Wonder Tot and Mister Genie it just wasn't working for me.  Then Tiny walked by, checked out what I was looking at and asked, "Wow Daddy, that's really cool.  Do you have that issue because I really want to read that."

There you have it.  A sub-10 yr old girl approved cover.  Not bad for a comic book that is 50+ yrs old.

Wonder Woman 133, October 1962
And my final choce this week... Surfer Woman!  I really like the cover but I can't help but notice just how small, and pointy, WW's feet are.  She really is just like Barbie!

Anyway, that's all for this week.  As always... Booooo Steelers.   Ooops, I mean stop reading this and go outside and have some fun.


  1. I'm with Tiny...I want to read those too! Luckily, the first Silver Age WW archive will be released in February. After picking up the Andru/Esposito Metal Men archives recently, I'm hooked on any and all of their stuff. And I thought they just produced some of the best Spider-Man stories ever.