Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back in the USA

Well, I finally managed to make it home. My trip which was supposed to be one, maybe one and a half weeks long, ended up being three. You have to love it when a job goes right!

Anyway, I have more stories to tell, and lots of insightful commentary about the French culture. But, I will save that for another day. For now, some pictures!

Picture #1: The Church
Let me just say that Americans have no sense of "old." Every small town in France and Switzerland has a church that is older than the USA. And the funny part is they get snobby about it. 'Oh, you only started building your church in the 14th century, pfft, we started building ours in the 8th century.' Seriously, it's nuts! But, unlike American churches, they have cool stuff like this. Who knew that churches could have skull and bones in them?

Picture #2: Signs in the city
It's well documented that Americans are fairly uptight. In fact, I have a hard time imagining this poster in any city outside NY and LA. I certainly would never see it in my little town of 100,000. Anyway, I had to beg and plead with Wife to take the picture.
She: Why do you want this?
Me: Because it's cool.
She: Ummm, you don't expect me to believe that do you.
Me: Eh, it's for the blog?
She: It better be!

Photo #3: Comics
Unlike America where you have to search for a comic store, France has them everywhere. Actually, they have very few because every book store carries comics. This photo was taken at a Barnes&Noble type store. The comic section, of which only a small piece is visible, was in the front of the store by the cash register. You'll also notice lots of the books are cover out, not spine out. And, they're all album size. It's an awesome spectacle. There was every type of genre covered too. From kiddie books, horror, manga, adventure, crime, and everything inbetween, there was a sample of it. Oddly enough, the smallest collection was for the superheroes. But, it really made me wish comic books were as well received in America.

Oh well, these are just some of the pictures from the trip. Maybe more later.

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  1. I hope all the pictures were from the same day or else you need to expand your wardrobe.