Friday, July 03, 2009

Queen & Country vol.4: Review

Queen & Country: Definitive Edition, vol.4
Greg Rucka

Story 1: Paul Crocker
artist: Brian Hurtt

To start off I really liked the art on this story. Since it's been awhile since I read the previous Q&C books it took me a bit to figure out who was who again - especially because this was a volume of back stories. I was glad to find out more about Paul Crocker as he was always just the cranky almost boss before. His story was pretty harsh but I think it was well executed. Paul having to leave behind his new wife for a job that almost gets him killed. Paul shooting a possibly innocent man so as not to execute another. Then to top it all off Paul doesn't even manage to save the guy he was trying to extract. This story offered important insight into this character and the art helped the story to be even more emotional than the words alone could have acomplished.

Story 2: Tom Wallace
artist: Rick Burchett

Tom's backstory was also well done but it was more of a fun story in many ways. Not only does Tom essentially acomplish what he set out to do by the end of the story (even if he is booted out of Hong Kong and can't quite resolve the entire issue at hand) but the art makes the story seem cheekier somehow. Overall I didn't enjoy the art as much in this story but it still did its job. I was also disappointed that we never found out what happened to one of the side characters, Detective Mei. I liked her even better than Tom. She's a side character with potential.

Story 3: Nicholas Poole
writer:Antony Johnston
artist:Chistopher Mitten

I just noticed that this story had a different writer. Which is funny because I think this was the story in this volume I enjoyed the most even if the artwork was difficult to follow. All the light haired guys looked the same to me. Also, the action was hard to make out at times and without the writing I wouldn't have been able to figure out what happened in several of the action scenes. The story was excellent though. I enjoyed the revenge fulfilled that ends up saving a life. I really liked the Irish politician too. Her father is murdered in front of her eyes and she still returns to her home to try and help her people. Actually her story may have outshone Poole's story on some levels.

Overall this was another good Queen & Country read even if it was all backstory. Decent artwork except for the lack of blond character distinction in the very last chapter.


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