Monday, July 13, 2009

John Ostrander – Needs a Little Help from His Fans

John Ostrander has always been one of my favorite writers. I loved Suicide Squad and the Spectre. Also Johnny O. was the man who gave us Oracle making Babs into one of DC’s most interesting characters of all time.

He has been fighting glaucoma for years and he has had some surgeries to help keep his sight. It costs big bucks and is not all covered by insurance.

I don’t know him personally, but from a fan’s perspective he has always seemed to be a nice guy and he is a writer whose work still sings after all these years (other unnamed writers have lost their appeal over the years). The last Suicide Squad mini-series was a perfect example.

Anyway the place to go and help him out is here It explains what has been happening and gives you a paypal button at the bottom of the page to donate.

I gave a little bit already, but I will give a dollar for each comment someone leaves on this post (to a maximum of $100) up until July 31. So just make a short comment like name your favorite comic Ostrander worked on and it will get a buck towards John’s bills.


  1. The Spectre is legendary, always will be.

  2. OOOHHH.. Luke took mine. But, after Spectre, I have to go with early material... Grimjack was very, very good.

  3. The Spectre was brilliant, and was a reading experience, but I for pure enjoyment I rate Martian Manhunter more...I loved how Ostrander made him into an epic sci-fi hero with stories that echoed all the best pulp and newspaper strip sci-fi.
    Grimjack was good while he was John Gaunt I thought, I wasn't terribly impressed with the later incarnations, they didn't seen as well-defined chracter-wise.

  4. Can't sell The Kents short, especially since I reviewed it not long ago. Excellent historical fiction. Nary a superhero in sight.

  5. very awesome. an excellent cause.

  6. How bout Oracle, what a great way to bring babs back. Best of luck mr. o!