Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marvel Preview Review For September

Lee: Why do I torture myself with these previews every month? Why? Why? Why? Mostly because I can annoy you the readers with more inane comments.
Jim: I can’t believe how few books you choose this month. Next month I will have to jump into the fray a little more and add picks.

The Soul of an Old Machine, part 1. The Torch is dead - buried with full military honors. But what does death mean for an artificial man? The Mad Thinker is determined to find out, with the reluctant help of the Torch's best and oldest friend - Tom (Toro) Raymond.32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: It’s interesting that Marvel has really started mining their Golden Age material for stories. I like Mike Carey’s vertigo work but I’m not sold on his super hero material. I am interested enough the first issue though.
Jim: Not me. I have not enjoyed the packaged books from Dynamite that Marvel has been publishing. Also Alex Ross is a great artist, but he has not hit a lot of home runs writing.
Lee: Here’s a question… does Berkenkotter shorten his name to Kotter? Do people follow him around going “HEY! Me. Kot-AIR!!!” If I saw him, I would say it. I wonder if it would be annoying????
Jim: So Lee has a theme to be annoying.

ULTIMATE COMICS ARMOR WARS #1 (of 4) Written by WARREN ELLIS Penciled by STEVE KURTH Cover by BRANDON PETERSON Villain Variant by CARLOS PACHECO Special Variant by TBA
Exploding from the ruins of ULTIMATUM, Tony Stark races against time to save his crippled corporation and stop the theft of his armored arsenal! Superstar writer WARREN ELLIS (ULTIMATE HUMAN) teams up with rising talent STEVE KURTH (IRON MAN) to bring you a globe-spanning, high-octane thriller with a blast from Tony's past that you've gotta see to believe!32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: So, what’s a person to do if you grew up with Marvel in the 80’s/90’s and want to relive the glory days? Well, you read the new Ultimate line from Marvel because they are rehashing plots from silver-bronze age faster than you can… well hash hash. It’s got Ellis. It’s got Kurth. It should be good but I can’t help but feel that I’ve read this material before.
Jim: Big pass for me. Ellis is phoning it in with a lot of his Marvel work anymore and Kurth is the master of the bent head pose that drives me to distraction. I like the special variant cover by TBA also, that guy is gold.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN PRESENTS: ANTI-VENOM-- NEW WAYS TO LIVE #1 (of 3) Written by Zeb Wells Penciled by Paulo Siqueira Cover by Mirco Pierfederici
What's Black, White and Dead all over?!?! From the pages of last year's best-selling NEW WAYS TO DIE, Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN; NEW MUTANTS) and Paulo Siqueira (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. MARVEL) bring you the story of Eddie Brock, the sallow symbiote known as Anti-Venom! With his life saved by Spider-Man, Eddie is cautiously walking the line between the darkness and light while trying to find his place in a world marked only by gray. The absolute last person he needs to run into is the Punisher. Unfortunately, the Punisher remembers Eddie as a cold-blooded killer, and that is just gonna hurt.32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: I really don’t care about this title but I would like to complain about Venom. What was once a good idea has been beaten to death. There’s Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom…and weren’t there venom, Chinese import, knock-off suits at one point too. Someone really should tell Marvel it’s ok to let characters such as Eddie Brock fade away and die. It’s ok. We, the readers, won’t miss them.
Jim: Plus so many Marvel products just seem to be put out there just to be able to ship 39 books on one week. Marvel needs to stop flooding the market.

SPIDER-MAN: THE CLONE SAGA #1 (of 6) Written by Howard Mackie & TOM DEFALCO Penciled by TODD NAUCK Cover by PASQUAL FERRY
You've been asking for it...and now it's here: THE CLONE SAGA!!! Marvel's most controversial event of all time returns with a vengeance, presenting the Clone Saga as it was originally intended to be told! From the minds behind the crossover that changed comics forever and the artist that introduced Spider-Man to President Obama, it's six issues of twists and turns that will shock fans old and new alike! Be here as Peter Parker's worst nightmare begins with an ending you have to see to believe!32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: Last month I thought Marvel had complete scrapped the bottom and run out of new ideas. BUT, I was wrong. Now, it’s the new, revised, and better than before Clone Saga. You have got to be kidding me! Seriously, who asked for this?
Jim: Flooding the market. Claremont revisiting what he was going to do, redoing the clone saga, blechh, let’s go forward, not backwards.

M.O.D.O.K: Reign Delay Written by RYAN DUNLAVEY Pencils & Cover by RYAN DUNLAVEY
Down on his luck, MODOK moves back into his parent's house in Erie, Pennsylvania and discovers that his family, old classmates and apathetic locals can thwart his plans for world conquest better than any super hero. Featuring obligatory guest appearances by Norman Osborn and some Canadian mutant super hero you've probably never heard of.40 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: Somewhere along the way Modok went from cool, deadly threat to laughing stock. Oh wait, I’m not sure Modok was ever a deadly threat. Anyway, Marvel has gotten a lot of mileage, humorous mileage that is, out of the Modok concept in the past couple of years. I bet this is really funny.
Jim: This looks hilarious. I’m not sure you can ever get Modok back to be a serious threat, but who cares.

DARK REIGN: THE SINISTER SPIDER-MAN #4 (of 4) Written by BRIAN REED Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: Worst cover ever! Bachalo has been known to make some incomprehensible art but this is a doozy. I think it’s Venom’s head being smooshed by two fists while another fist holds his tongue. BUT, since said “fists” have no fingers I can’t be sure. Then there’s that weird pony tail at the bottom which is supposed to be something. I’m sorry this looks like a potato in a vice. I’m not sure what it is but I swore never to buy potato covers so I’m out.
Jim: It is a tough one, but I think the coloring maybe obscuring one of the fists that is hitting Venom.

It's DEADPOOL versus SHANG-CHI, the peerless Master of Kung-Fu, in a KUNG-FU MOTORCYCLE RACE! You won't believe your eyes when you read this all-new, all-action, all-black-and-white one shot in the spirit of the Mighty Marvel Magazines of yore, but ALL-NOW in style! The kung-fu fighting never lets up for a moment over these fourstories by some of Marvel's hottest writers, including a prose tale by DARK TOWER's Robin Furth! If you like your comics bold--this is for you! 48 PGS./Black and White/One-Shot/Parental Advisory ...$3.99

Lee: WOW! Now that’s new, $4 for B&W. It’s not even color. There’s a hint that this might be at least magazine sized but it’s not explicitly spelled out. Without knowing for sure, I wouldn’t pre-order this. Besides that, since when does MoKF wear Chuckies? Isn’t that… I don’t know.. completely against the characters personality and origin????
Jim: My problem is Deadpool. Just give me some old fashion Master of Kung-Fu stuff, not this. Pass.

SPIDER-WOMAN #1 Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils & 50/50 Cover by ALEX MALEEV 50/50 Cover by ALEX ROSS
THE WAIT IS OVER! The explosive Eisner award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev reunite for their first ongoing series since Daredevil! Ripped from the pages of New Avengers and Secret Invasion, watch as the gorgeous and mysterious Jessica Drew reenters a society she did not an AGENT OF S.W.O.R.D. This brand new series is a perfect companion to the dazzling Spider-Woman motion comic. Containing new story and artwork not available in any other format. This is the start of a major chapter in one of the most high profile characters in all of Marvel Comics. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

Lee: Did I miss something or wasn’t this previously solicited? I swear Marvel has talked about this before. And, I’m right. This was originally promo’d back in the April Marvel Previews. What went wrong with this title? I was semi excited before but the huge, unexplained, delay makes me nervous.
Jim: That is not the actual cover, but it is one that I liked. I think this was released online first and is now being released to us, the print peons.

One of the most award-winning and acclaimed comics series of the last several years returns to the shelves this September with a perfect new jumping-on point for new readers -- or those who've gotten hooked on Brubaker and Phillips hit series INCOGNITO and are craving more!CRIMINAL's most popular character, TRACY LAWLESS returns in THE SINNERS. It's been a year since Tracy was forced into working for the bad guys, and now made men are turning up dead all over the city, in what appears to be mob-style hits. But since criminals don't go to the cops for justice... only Tracy can solve this crime. 40 PGS/Mature Content/No ads.... $3.50

CRIMINAL: The Deluxe Edition By Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
This oversized deluxe hardback edition features CRIMINAL books 1 thru 3 -- COWARD, LAWLESS, and THE DEAD AND THE DYING. A fantastically-designed and printed book showcasing the Eisner and Harvey Award-Winning crime comics from the creators of SLEEPER and INCOGNITO. Also features many extras - including a Criminal short story and the never-before-printed five page "movie trailer in comics form" that Brubaker and Phillips created to announce the series online... illustrations, selected articles, behind the scenes looks, painted covers... and much much more!A true collector's edition spectacular from two of the hottest creators in comics, and a must-have for any fan!400 pages/Mature Content... $49.99

Lee: I’m glad to see Criminal back because it was a great story. Brubaker has always done crime well, and this was one of his best. And, coinciding with the new series is the $50 trade collecting the earlier trades. WAIT! Wha the?! $50 for a trade???? You can get a masterworks for this price. And that’s a hc!
Jim: Dude, this is a hardcover. You need to read the solicitation closer. Anyway this is an easy one to buy.

Don't yield, True Believers, because the MARVEL MASTERWORKS are backing one of the most influential series in comics history by one of the art form's prime movers, Jim Steranko's Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Blending together influences from Pop art to Salvador Dali and across comics' history from Will Eisner to Wally Wood, Steranko's boundary-breaking style is an incomparable visual language that influences and inspires storytellers decades later. Chock full of high-stakes espionage and larger-than-life villains, from Baron Strucker and his Hydra hordes to the Yellow Claw and the horrific Hell Hound of Ravenlock, each adventure will have you on the edge of your seat. Topped with guest appearances from Captain America and the Fantastic Four--not to mention from out of the Atlas Era, the Marvel debut of agent Jimmy Woo--Steranko's S.H.I.E.L.D. is an uncontested high-water mark that every devotee of the medium must experience. Collecting STRANGE TALES #154-168 and NICK FURY, AGENT OF SHIELD #1-3272 PGS./All Ages ...$54.99

Lee: One of the most visually stunning comic books runs ever. Sternako’s influence on the generations of comic book artists that followed is not to be underestimated. I’m surprised it took this long to get a hc of this material.
Jim: Probably some royalty issue. Steranko had a huge influence on comics and actually did very little comic book work. Well worth getting.

Lee: It’s more of the same old-same old but I’m really, really looking forward to the Shield Masterworks.
Jim: The Shield Masterworks is a good one and I can’t wait, but that comes out in December I believe.

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  1. It's hard to pick stuff when there isn't much out there.

    I actually will probably get the Clone Saga book. The storyline only tanked when they got into the Maximum Clonage junk.

    I paid $4 for a the B/W version of Captain America #601 today. Looking at Colan's pencils is really cool, plus it had the original script in the back. The color one doesn't have it.

    Jim, great minds must think a like. I was trying to pick my free comics today and I asked Rusty where the Alan Davis Thor one-shot was and he said you picked it up already! I ended up getting the Garcia-Lopez King Tut Batman Confidential issues -- well, the first two parts anyway.

    Androids was AWESOME! I can't believe I'm getting two BOOM books now. I think that's tied with my Marvel books. Although, Spider-girl will be back in Web of Spider-man come October.