Thursday, July 08, 2010

IDW Preview Review for September Part 1 of 2

Lee: Doing Dark Horse and IDW on consecutive days is not good for DH. IDW seems to be what DH was 10 years ago with more cutting edge material and better reprints of old stuff. IDW really needs to slow down because they are killing me financially these days.
Jim: I agree, IDW wins right now in terms of pure graphic entertainment. Dark Horse has been moving towards being a producer of comics and other things. Both companies are very aware the direct market is no the place to grow your business.

5 Days to Die #1 – 5 by (W) Andy Schmidt (A) Chee
Ray Crisara, a tough cop who's survived a terrible car accident, discovers his wife is dead and his daughter is in critical condition. Believing this was a planned hit by the city's drug lord he's been pursuing, Ray's brain injury leaves him five days before he dies to either track the killer, or be there for his little girl. Ray's clock is ticking! $3.99
Lee: I like the idea of this series. Five issues, one week apart, telling a story that takes place over 5 days. This has the makings of a great series. But, I can’t decide if this is a good idea or just crazy. Why is IDW trying to get into the weekly book market?
Jim: I think they are only in the weekly book market for this book. In other words this idea has merit and to work effectively it has to be more immediate, so making it weekly adds excitement to it. I like the idea, Andy Schmidt is a good creative guy and Chee has been moving up in recognition of being a good artist. My biggest question on this book is how is IDW supporting the book to the direct market retailers? Ordering almost the entire run with no sales history is a tough road for many retailers. Also is this a test book for the digital market, like the old cliff hangers serials that ran in the movies back before even my time.

Amazing True Stories: Ellis Island Experience GN by Ginjer Clarke (w) Diego Jourdan and Gaston Souto (a) Jourdan (c)
Get ready for an amazing adventure as young Giorgio Casilli and his family set off on the journey of a lifetime: emigrating from Italy to America over 100 years ago! After a perilous crossing, the family faces separation and quarantine on Ellis before they can begin their new lives. This book is full of exciting, action-packed panels, fascinating facts, and everything you wanted to know about the history of Ellis Island and immigration to America. Special sidebars, a glossary, and thinking questions add to the appeal! $6.99
Lee: Honestly, this doesn’t really interest me but I can see it’s merit and I feel it’s worth mentioning. I think this is a great way to encourage kids to read and it will look great on the shelves of the local library. I do have to question the hype “action-packed panels.“ It’s hard to make standing in line to get into a country exciting. Trust me, I did it so I could move to France. It was neither exciting, nor action packed.
Jim: This book is a prime example of what I mean when I say IDW is looking outside the direct market for growth. They know this is not a comic store book, this is a school library or a young readers book in Barnes & Noble. The thinking questions just screams graphic school book. Heck if I was teaching young kids I would want to read this and see if I could use it for my class.

Archie: Best of Stan Goldberg Vol. 01 HC by Various (w) Stan Goldberg (a & c)
Reproduced from the original art to ensure the highest possible quality reproduction, the stories in this collection are from what is generally regarded as classic Archie artist Stan Goldberg's best periods. Each story was handpicked by Goldberg connoisseurs and has been re-colored to match the flavor of how it was originally published. Also features bonus pin-ups, photos and other material from Goldberg's own collection. $24.99
Lee: This is beyond even me. Goldberg started working with Archie comics in the 70’s and was the main Archie artist from 1990 until the mid-2000’s. That’s really a dead period of Archie for me. Archie in the 40’s & 50’s, heck yeah. Archie in the 60’s, why not. But after that, I’m pretty much done with Archie.
Jim: Archie hater! Actually I have little interest in Archie, but I'm sure this is a good book for fans of Stan's artwork.

Art of Jim Starlin: Life in Words & Pictures HC by Jim Starlin (w & a & c)
Desperado and IDW are proud to present a retrospective volume devoted to the career of one of the most popular comic book artists of the last 35 years, Jim Starlin. Covering everything from his humble beginnings to his rise as one of the industry's top creative talents, this book follows the journey of one of the industry's most fascinating talents. From Captain Marvel to Warlock to Dreadstar to Thanos, this oversized volume will have something for every fan of comic book history and art. $49.99
Lee: I really like the idea of this book but I’m not sure I’m ready to spend $50 on it: If I have an extra $50 then I need another Creepy/Eerie archive. I love this but the price point is brutal.
Jim: I agree for $30 I'm on this book like a plaintiff attorney on an injury claim, but for $50 I don't think so, if it had an original sketch in it, maybe.

Kodiak (One Shot) by Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella (w) Nat Jones (a) Jones (c)
A young man is betrayed, and finds himself in a desperate battle of man versus beast. Is the love of a maiden enough to keep him alive? Co-writers Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella, along with artist Nat Jones, weave a special tale filled with flame, fur, and ferocity in the upcoming one-shot, Kodiak. $3.99
Lee: I'm not completely sold on the premise but I loves me some Nat Jones art. Known mostly for his sword & sorcery stuff (Death Dealer), I'm looking forward to seeing how Jones does with more down to earth fare.
Jim: Heck Joe (Locke & Key) Hill is a co-writer and Nat Jones, pretty easy decision for me that I will be checking it this book out when it hits the stands.


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