Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Week of June 30 In Review

Let’s jump right into it this week. Just be aware there is no order at this time. As I read if a book generates a reaction I will try to give my impressions.

Invincible #73 had the most jarring change of pace between issues that I have ever seen. We went from an all out battle issue in #72 to seeing Omni-Man and Oliver bond over months as Mark heals. That’s right months. Since we are staying in space what is happening with Eve and her pregnancy is unknown to us. I get the feeling when Mark gets home he will be a Daddy. All in all I’m just enjoying the heck out of this book. Often it is the best super hero book on the stands. It is everything that I loved from comics I grew up with, but done with a modern edge to it (you get blood and gore for one). The interpersonal stuff is just as important as the fights. Too often writers go too far to one side or the other but Kirkman has great balance on this book. It is just hard to not love this book.

Secret Avengers #2 was decent. I’m a little disappointed that Deodato needed help to finish issue #2. This is a disturbing trend that has been developing where artist are needing help to keep on deadline a lot earlier in the process, Birds of Prey had a problem with issue #2 and Captain America #607, the second issue of a new arc, has Guice as inker instead of pencils already. How hard is it to plan this out with writers and artists? I just don’t understand it and there is no communication between the companies and the readers explaining this stuff like they used to do in the old days. Anyway both Secret Avengers and Captain America are good stories and I like the direction on both books. The down side to Captain America is the Nomad back up is a waste and it is adding $1 to the price of the book. One more complaint Steve Rogers had to show up and save Bucky’s a** this issue and I was just starting to think of Bucky as Captain America, but he has been demoted to Bucky Cap again. Heck between Natasha and Steve helping him, Bucky looked like a poor example of a hero.

When I’m reading some books create strong reactions and some minor reactions and then others that maybe a good issue but generates no commentary. So some brief comments are for these books. Atomic Robo #4 was enjoyable, but I have found my fondness for this series fading. It needs a solid direction and a more consistent publishing schedule otherwise it may become a fond memory to me. Batman Beyond #1 felt like the cartoon, which I have barely watched. I don’t like the cartoon and therefore the series. Abe Sapien The Abyssal Plain #1 (of 2) was very enjoyable and was ruled by Peter Snejbjerg’s art. The more I see his work the more I want to see more of it, great stuff.

Madame Xanadu #24 was a very jarring (apparently my word of the week) issue. It took awhile for me to get used to the artist as Amy Reeder’s work is so gorgeous that I could not help but be disappointed in the artist for this story. As the story progressed and I grew used to the style and I found I enjoyed this issue a lot. The big problem is that it hardly starred Madame Xanadu at all. She is the character I want to read about, but I will trust Matt Wagner and see how the arc pulls together.

Green Lantern #55 made a comic with Lobo work for me and we got a bonus of the Red Lantern Cat’s origin. Now that we are deeper into this arc I’m really enjoying this story. After seeing so many artists not be able to do two issues in a row without help I’m amazed at how strong Doug Mahnke’s art is and pleased that this guy can produce a monthly book with no problem.

Action Comics #890 was an odd book. I believe Marc Guggenheim originally was doing this and then the edict came down that no one can use Superman but JMS and that frelled up the story, so Paul Cornell was tapped as writer. Paul has done work for Marvel to rave reviews and based on what I saw in this comic I can see why. How much of this was Paul and how much was plotted by Marc I have no clue, but I’m interested in a series about Lex Luthor, so good job by everyone.

Flash #3 has to be my favorite book of the week. We got a lot of action with Captain Boomerang and found out what had changed with him. Everyone who has come back from the dead has been altered in some way and Captain Boomerang can now created boomerangs out of black energy. We resolved Barry being accused of murder quickly and logically, we see Barry working on his side project with Iris’ help and we get plenty of Flash action. A great issue with strong art (although obviously shot from pencils) and we have a super hero that still has a secret identity. I have gone from dreading having Barry back to loving this series in 3 issues.

So from coming into a week thinking it would be mediocre I have to say that my opinion was changed into it being a decent week, not a great week, but a decent week and my jaded opinion of the cape stuff is being slowly modified.


  1. Flash? You've got to be kidding me Jim. :P

    But I can go with the rest.


  2. I'm loving the Flash too. It's great!

  3. Shawn - 2 for Flash and one still hurting that Wally has been pushed off center stage. I can feel your pain, but the series is decent.