Monday, July 19, 2010

What I’m Getting Wednesday July 21

I have to say that the super hero stuff really needs to be trimmed even more from my list and the other category probably needs some trimming also. The more I read material like American Vampires, Echo, Stuff of Legend and others of that ilk the harder I find it to accept some of the drivel coming out. This week has some books that I might cut and has some stuff with potential.

Azrael #10 – David Hine comes on as writer and this is the reason I’m getting this book. I read a couple issues of this series and I have had a hard time caring about the character, so this will be a hard sell even with a very good writer like David Hine on the book.

Batman Streets of Gotham #14 – This book was taking the place of Detective Comics while Detective focused on Batwoman. It did a great job of it when Paul Dini is the writer, when he is off the book the Manhunter backup story carried the book. Well Dini is back and we have a Two-Face backup feature now, so this sounds like a keeper for now.

Birds of Prey #3 – My store is getting this a week late, but Gail Simone is firing on all cylinders again with this re-launch and I’m on this book for the long term.

Brightest Day #6 – One of my favorite DCU centric books right now.

DC Universe Legacies #3 (of 10) – I’m very close to dropping this book and maybe I’ll buy the inevitable collection. The writing has been pedestrian and the story is a plodding history that even with strong art comes off more like a textbook then entertainment.

DV8 Gods and Monsters #4 (of 8) – A very strong mini-series from Brian Wood giving us a skewed take on super heroes.

Hellblazer #269 – This arc keep me on the book as I was about to drop it. The problem I have is the series is going on so long that I find I no longer really care about what is going to happen as I know John is never in any true danger.

Justice Society of America #41 – I have read a new writer is coming on which is fine as Willingham’s work was good, but too slow of a pace. So now we get James Robinson doing a cross over with the JLA and I think this will be bad. Robinson used to be a great writer in my opinion, but lately I have had issues with his work.

Power Girl #14 – A crucial issue for me to see if the new creative team is taking Power Girl away from what I liked about her or is just setting up a storyline. If they take away her company and make PG another hero, I have no need to read about her anymore.

Legion of Super Heroes #3 – I have a lot of admiration for Levitz and love the LOSH, but even that will only keep me on this book for so long. Right now Levitz is having a rough road getting back into writing and he is making a lot of errors in my view. A focus on Earth Man when I’m buying the LOSH does not work for me.

The Spirit #4 – David Hine again and with Moriat staying on the art work should make the change in writers a breeze. The first arc was good, let’s see what Mr. Hine can do.

Supergirl #54 – Now she is off and running in her own book and should be left alone since Superman is on a walkabout. I want to now gauge this book to determine if it is a keeper or if it has become a generic super hero book.

Superman/Batman #74 – I’m almost at the end of my rope on this book. It has run its course for me and has become a generic super hero book.

Time Masters Vanishing Point #1 (of 6 ) – A Dan Jurgens production that is acting as a companion piece to Grant Morrison’s Return of Bruce Wayne. It sounds like a mix of pickles and ice cream. Still I have to read it to judge it.

Zatanna #3 – Paul Dini is writing and Z is a favorite character, so this series has been a no-brainer for me.

Atlas #3 – Jeff Parker continues to entertain me with this book. It is nice since no one at Marvel cares about these characters you know almost anything can happen.

Black Widow #4 – Ms. Liu has been doing fine writing and Acuna has done passable work, so why are they leaving after the first arc? I never understand launching a book with a creative team only onboard for a couple of issues.

Marvel Masterworks Volume #141 The Black Panther I fondly recall this series and loved it, but Don McGregor was the poster child for overwriting books during that era. I liked it as teen-ager, not sure I will still enjoy it. Still his work was important as he helped to move comics to a different level with his writing.

New Avengers #2 – On the bubble after all it is Bendis writing and a super hero team book that is a little too traditional.

Thunderbolts #146 – Not Bendis writing and an oddball group written by Jeff Parker.

Cowboy Ninja Vikings #7 – Great out and out madness and fun, no decision, a keeper.
Red Mass for Mars #4 – Does Hickman write for the last page again? Only getting it to see if I can remember the book and see how it ends.

Walking Dead #75 – A favorite of mine and an anniversary issue.

GI Joe Cobra #6 – Suffering through the in-between story arc waiting for Chuckles to come back.

Farscape #9 – Are you frelling kidding me I love this book.

Battlefields #8 (of 9) – Ennis + War Stories = Excellence. Dynamite just needs to make this an ongoing series.

That’s a wrap for this week’s batch of books. I may take to using this column to re-evaluate every book I get for a few weeks in an effort to continually trim the fat from my list. It is funny because I know comics are a visual medium but writers are the number one thing I look for, if there is no story even the best artwork can’t carry it.

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