Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dog Pool Parties

I believe that this maybe one of the signs of the oncoming Apocalypse.

A girl who I worked with was having a birthday party for her dog. Worse yet it was a swimming party for dogs. She asked if I wanted to come and I said I know my wife would, but I would pass.

Unfortunately my dog weighs in at 150 plus pounds and I really needed to go to make sure Kiki could be lifted into the pickup and to help control her if she got to rambunctious.

Much to my shock and surprise it was actually a very fun time and I learned a fair amount about dogs and swimming. First that not all dogs are natural swimmers and in fact most will sink to the bottom of a pool rather rapidly. Second that for a big dog this is the best exercise around as they get to move all of their muscles and hips with the weight being off of them. Kiki at three is already experiencing some minor hip problems and was much better after today's experience.

So I went from you have got to be frelling kidding me, to now thinking we have to get Kiki out swimming once a month or so.

The way it works is they put life jackets on the dogs and attach a belt to them and drag them around the pool until they are sure they have figured out how to swim for themselves. I think this could work on children too.

Still the question I had for the girl throwing the party is what type of shindig will you have for your son when he turn one if you do this for your dog.

As the picture shows this was just too funny.


  1. That is really funny. Today, is our dog, Ginger's, 13th birthday. Her middle name is Bread...Get it, Ginger Bread Mann. Ginger is half Lab/half Golden (looks like a Yellow Lab with softer fur and whisps). Pam and I woke up this morning to the sound of our children singing happy birthday to her. Charlotte even came up with a birthday cheer. We haven't gotten Ginger a present yet, so the kids were thinking we could eat at the Mall after church and then hit the pet store. I'm thinking we should go to PetSmart, since Ginger could actually come into the store (I think - need to check that). Other than having the best temperment of any dog I've ever met, Ginger has some rather unique traits. She loves going to the Vet! She always drags me inside. She's very sociable. We used to take her swimming when she was younger in the area ponds around Columbia, she'd love a pool party. Her hips certainly could use the relief too. I don't know if she'll make it to her 14th birthday, but I'm thankful for every day we have with her. I think the kids and a steady diet of table scraps and licking Bacon grease keeps her young. She does think she needs to eat all the time.

  2. Gee, we never have birthday parties for Vox...

    That's a great picture though!