Saturday, March 31, 2007

On Being Fashion Forward

I don't have a scanner and I have sold most of my older comics, so I don't have all the great older panels to scan and mock, which so many do so well. Of course with my hard cover collection I could find many things, but again no scanner. But I did managed to "borrow" this page from a wonderful website which has many great Superman adventures ( which I encourage everyone to go and read.

This particular page is from 1976 and re-imagines Superman and what would have happened if he came to Earth today (i.e. 1976) and how his life would have been different. Of course he is an adult in the far future of 2001.

My favorite part is how people dress in 2001. It must have been before business casual took hold so firmly, because I never get a chance to wear my cape to work. It is so functional that I'm surprised a more casual cape collection hasn't come out to replace it. Remember we never bothered with umbrellas as we simply flipped our capes over our heads. Plus the interior pockets were great for carrying our other items and essentially allowed women to abandon the need for a purse all together.

Maybe I'm just too nostalgic but I miss the great statement one could make with the short capes from 2001.

Of course I never enjoyed the huge 2001 ascots, they always made me feel like the tie was a better way to go, plus at lunch they would get stuff on them all the time.

But times change and fashions come and go.

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