Monday, March 05, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Another 4 week month and this is a monster week and it is the first week of the month. Normally that means a lighter week, but with the four week months no week is that light. Plus the killer is the Daredevil Omnibus which is a high dollar hard cover and it covers material I already have. So those books will go on E-bay to defray some of the cost of this book. When I buy the some material twice (or even a third time) I feel like a sucker, but the format is so much nicer that I can live with myself for doing it.

52 #44 – The last couple issues have been some of the best books out there for the week. Definitely this book is heating up as we head for the end run.
Atom #9 – Solid series, fun and entertaining.
Authority #2 – The second issue on what was almost universally panned book for issue #1. I give Grant Morrison props for being experimental, but most people thought that the group should show up in issue #1.
Detective #829 – A two part story by Stuart Moore and Andy Clark. If you consider Paul Dini to be the regular writer, then this is definitely a fill in two part story. Still Moore is a solid writer and Clark is a good artist, so I’m looking forward to it. Batman while it has been a quality book with solid talent seems to lack a direction at this time.
Helmet of Fate: Zauriel – I hate the Zauriel character, so I’m not looking forward to this book, but Steve Gerber has done some great stuff at times and Peter Snejbjerg is a good artist – so we shall see.
Jonah Hex #17 – The next part of the Tallulah Black story arc. This should be great.

Justice League of America #6- Will we ever get a JLA team. Metzler continues to bore us with his opening arc.
Loveless #16 – The federal army comes in to take control of Blackwater. So with Wes (dead or at least our of service) gone as sheriff how will the town fare. This is a really good book that has a tendency to be very obtuse in how they move the story forward.
Manhunter -#29 – The Wonder Woman verdict comes in and maybe we find out who is this Blue Beetle.
Midnighter #5 – This should be a good issue as Midnighter goes back to confront the guy who tried to have him kill Hitler.
Nightwing#130 – Nightwing continues to deal with the “Bride and Groom” villain tag team. This book got better with Wolfman coming on as writer and better with Igle as artist. Still not my favorite version of the character but a good series again.
Outsiders #46 – Continuing filling in the blanks on the one year gap. Black Lighting and Captain Boomerang are purported to be the focus this issue.
Scalped #3 – Continues the story of undercover FBI agent Dash Bad Horse. I’ve enjoyed the first two issues and look forward to issue #3.
Shazam Monster Society of Evil #2 (of 4) – Really a great all ages book. Jeff Smith has twisted what Captain Marvel is for his look at the character but this certainly looks to be a fun version of the character. I wonder why DC has not designated this as an All Star project or something as to not confuse any continuity fans.

Showcase House of Mystery Volume 2 – 552 pages of black of white old time suspense and mystery stories in glorious black and white for only $17 – WOW!
Superman/Batman #32 – This book has floundered and I’m enjoying this arc, but it just seems to be dragging and taking forever to come out and or for the story to conclude.
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #8 (of 8) – Last stand versus the false President. A wonderful and surprisingly enjoyable mini-series comes to a conclusion.

Welcome to Tranquility #4 – This series has really been growing on me. A town that has retired super heroes and other denizens floating around in it and the town sheriff has been trying to solve a murder. Very quirky and unique, but it is really coming together and has a chance to be a great series.
Bullet Points #5 (of 5) – The end of this What If series. Galactus shows up and with no FF how does the world get saved? I have enjoyed this series a lot and hope the conclusion holds up.
Captain America #25 – I guess we now get the Captain America as prisoner arc. Although the prison he was in Front Line was pretty damn sweet.
Civil War Initiative – This seems to be a primer for all the new stuff rolling out of Civil War. Unfortunately unlike DC instead of a $1 it is a $5 book. This is on of the reasons why I’m a bigger fan of DC then Marvel.
Criminal #5 – The conclusion to the first arc and for me the crux of how good this series will or will not be. The ending is all important to any story.

Daredevil Ominbus HC – Collects the entire Frank Miller run on Daredevil with him as artist. This was and is the best run ever on Daredevil. Looking forward to the oversized art reproduction and enjoying this series again.
Dark Tower : Gunslinger Born #2 – The art is bringing me back more then the story. Still the first issue wasn’t bad, so I’ll try one more.
Fantastic Four #543 – 45th Anniversary of this title. Dwayne McDuffie is the writer and he is setting the new status quo after Civil War. I hope it is good, but I don’t think having the Black Panther and Storm as members will work for me.

Fantastic Four : The End #6 (of 6) – Alan Davis concludes his What If future story of the last FF story. It has been a solid read and I’m looking forward to the last issue.
Hulk #104 – So we are coming to the end of Planet Hulk and working up to World War Hulk. Starting to fall off of this book.

Mighty Avengers #1 – Getting this for Cho’s artwork as much as anything. Also want to see is this is the “official Avengers” and I believe New Avengers is the renegade group. It all seems stupid to me, but I’m trying not to prejudge.
Newuniversal #4 – Great series so far. Taking all the New Universe concepts and making it on big story line. Warren Ellis is doing a great job with this series.
Squadron Supreme; Hyperion vs Nighthawk #3 (of 4) – This has been a great series and part 3 should be no exception. What I don’t get is why the Squadron Supreme series itself seems to go on hiatus all the time. The regular series has really fallen totally off the tracks.
Ultimate Spider-Man #106 – Aunt May is dying in this issue also and in the regular Marvel Universe. Amazing parallels. I know always way too sarcastic, still this is the best Spider-Man book on the racks right now and that is damning the book with faint praise.
Ultimate Vision #3 (of 5) – So far it has been okay. Mike Carey is the only thing keeping me in this book.
Uncanny X-Men #484 – Brubaker’s worse work right now. Continuing the endless arc that started what seems like years ago.
Dynamo 5 #1 – The new series from Image that is a super-hero book with a different slant. An old super hero dies and a new menace arise His wife discovers he slept around like an NBA player and left five kids by different mothers. Each has a separate power and they are united by his wife to be a super hero group.
EC Archives Two Fisted Tales – Volume 1 – The war stories book from EC. Really looking forward to reading all of this stuff one day soon.
Planetary Brigade Origins #2 (of 3) – Tales from Captain Valor’s world. A wonky JLA riff. From the mind of Keith Giffen.


  1. Dynamo5 - interesting premise, but it sounds more like the beginning of a super-villain group to me! =D

  2. I read the preview for Dynamo 5... could be entertaining.

  3. AHAHA!

    THE AUTHORITY is going on hiatus! That's right, after issue two ships you won't see it for a looooong time.

    How can a book that's five months late come out and go on hiatus?

    Someone explain it to me please.