Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Waiting For Wednesday

Tuesday is always my toughest blogging day. Still with the Dark Horse, DC and Marvel solicitations out Lee and I will have a few columns worth of material.

So for Tuesday lets look back at last week's releases.

Fables #58 - This was a real highlight for me as it was part 2 of the Bigby and the North Wind (his dad) get together. It is amazing to me that Bill Willingham has kept Snow White and Bigby as vital and interesting as they are, even being married. The beauty of this book is that we are know these characters from childhood so we need no real introduction, so the entry cost is low and the stories are adult(not in that way) fairy tales. Not a new concept, but Willingham executes it very well.

Civil War Confession - This was a real low light. Decent artwork wasted on more moping and pointless arguments. I mean talking heads, especially going over and over the same material is not what Marvel comics does best.

Thunderbolts #112 - This book just amazes me. The premise is so stupid and the "stars" are almost all really bad people. Somehow Warren Ellis recognizes all the flaws and almost laughs at them and tells a compelling story. Ellis has been on a roll for well over a year now, almost nothing he writes is bad right now. That tells me that over the many years he has been writing he is constantly trying to improve his craft.

Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse #6 - This book is one of my favorites. Leprechauns, a little girl corpse animated by a worm, great squid monsters and it is all so mad and yet it works. This could be Ben Templesmith's finest work as a writer and an artist.

That's it, many other decent books, a few disasters, but this were the ones I wanted to mention, call it the best books and the worse book of last week.

Wow - I think I have discovered a good Tuesday theme.

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