Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Sale

Today's real post is below... but check this out!

Scary part is opening bid was only $100K (with reserve)


  1. Well, it was a good thing they put this on eBay, BEFORE anyone saw the new movie. I took Eric (9), Helen (almost 7) and Evy (5) to see this film today. I was so tired, I fell asleep. They all liked it okay, and the turtles looked great and the personalities seemed on target. However, the story was a big disappointment. First off, they were doing some convoluted "world-saving" storyline and secondly, they were re-building their group after breaking up (sorta). So most of the story is them getting back together. They only fight as a team in like the last 10-minutes of the film! I haven't read much of the comics and watched the cartoon only a little, but I was a big fan of the Video Game, especially the one at the cheap theater off of Buford Hwy in Atlanta (whenever I was on Spring Break visiting my best friend, TJ). There wasn't enough "Shwaa, Shwaa" slicing action.

    The FF preview was awesome though!

    And, I snagged a 30th anniversary Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie concept Stormtrooper figure, plus all 6 new packages of the Super Hero Squad Spidey figures (Lee, you've got to be getting your kids these figures at Toys R Us). On top of that they're continuing the 8" MEGO style Signature Series figures thru the Marvel Legends imprint and I got a Cyclops today. Not a great movie day, but a good toy day.

  2. Matthew-

    You're killing me. I specifically didn't go to T'r'Us the other day because I knew nothing was out. Guess I was wrong. Love the new line of Faux Mego's. I caved and got the DD, Green Goblin and Cap'n America. New ones may be coming home too. I have an original Mego Spidey so no need to get another one!.

    What are Super Hero Squad Spidey figures ?

  3. My Mego Spidey is in sorry shape. Ironically, the one who has stood up the best is my Hulk Mego. I guess he really is the strongest one there is. I had a terrific fight between him and the Thing one time. They threw each other really far. It's a shame, I can't stand to see my kids mess up their toys like I did, but I sure had fun. I once created a Baron Zemo out of a Dr. Zaius PoTA figure with a Steve Scout red cap for a mask. Captain America threw his shield and literally cut him in two (the rubber band broke). Oh, the stories I could tell...

    But let's get back to the Faux Megos. I've got all the Famous Covers series, except the first two Wolverines with removable cowl and I got all the DC ones, except for the Secret ID Supes and Bats. My favorite is the Clark Kent/Superman - it even came with a phone booth. It was a Target exclusive. Recently Target was selling their Megos for $4 each, including the ultra cool Punisher figure. I was able to get a second set of all but the regular Spideys.

    If you want more Megos, how about the retro Star Trek figures that Diamond is putting out. Kirk/Klingon; Spock/Romulan; and McCoy/Andorain. They are using the orignal Mego molds. $18 each and Rusty couldn't order them for me, because they come 8 per case. Luckily, the toy store in Ellicott City will get them for me.

    I can't get into all the coolness of the Super Hero Squad right now, but I did mention it on the show this week. But you'll find out some good info in the links above. Also, they're going to have FF Super Hero Squad figures too.